The Art of Sandra Busby...
Painter of Playful Light in Glass and Still Life



Sandra Busby

"There are most definitely two sides to my art... There is bright, colourful side and in contrast the darker, more pensive side. But hey, I'm a Gemini, so my work is bound to reflect that!

​I was born in a small town in rural Sussex, England.
Far from being the 'tortured' type Artist who wishes to remain mysterious and aloof, like the ones we imagine lunging furiously at their canvasses and wearing over-sized paint covered smocks - the fact is, I am quite ordinary!  Not that my friends or family would agree, I'm sure - But I have never lunged at a canvas in my life (though I once karate kicked one... that painting was baaad!) and I have even been known to paint in my pyjamas!

I have 2.4 grown up children (the .4 being my husband) and a loopy Labrador named Sherlock. So, you see? As a person (though I hope not as an Artist) I am quite frankly, bog standard!

I could talk about myself as a third party if you like, or even describe myself as an onion with many layers, blah, blah... But the truth is, I am definitely more of a banana than an onion.

I tried hard at one stage to become one of those mysterious type Artists that I found so fascinating, but feeling stifled and over-influenced by the modern way of teaching, I abandoned my arts degree and decided that there is only one way (for me) to become an unfeigned Artist and that is to paint from the heart, the way it comes naturally. So, against most of today's teaching methods, I embraced the traditional way of oil painting. Fell in love with it actually. And I won my first award in 2016.

I have since had the good fortune to paint alongside Rosa Branson and I now learn from this 'living master' on a regular basis. She believes strongly that the great skills of the Renaissance are in danger of being lost altogether, as they are no longer being taught at Art School. As much as I admire the wild abandonment of many other Artist's and their more expressionistic styles, I prefer to express myself in this more gentle and methodical way. Only then can I stand back and honestly say that 'I' painted it and what I am looking at is a little piece of 'me'

Much of my inspiration comes from the playful light and distortions of shiny and reflective objects. And I am continually attracted to warmth and light; the amber glow of a flickering candle against a glass will do it for me every time.
Glass is a subject I love to paint. In fact I could easily be mistaken for a relentless alcoholic if someone were to walk in to my studio, simply from the number of bottles and glasses that can be found in there!

Contrary to the above, another subject I like to paint is the Vintage Teddy Bear. Many of my Bear paintings have appeared in the world-wide publication, 'The Teddy Bear Times' and my finale bear was featured on several online global news networks due to the fascinating story behind it!"


Artist's Statement:

'My paintings are created with my heart and soul as much as they are with my brushes and paints.
Where possible I paint from life, striving to capture the playful light of even the most simplest of objects, to turn what might otherwise be quite an ordinary still-life in to something that sings.
I have to 'feel' it, in order to paint it. The ability to do this is my most important tool for a successful painting and one that can only come from within.'


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