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Thursday, 30 March 2017

I've Moved!

This is just a quick reminder, that I have moved my blog to a new platform and just in case you didn't realise, I can now be found at:

I am having AWESOME amounts of fun with my new blog. I'm not just posting much more frequently, but I'm making it far more interesting for everyone. It's no longer just about my finished paintings... I'm now posting all sorts, including fun videos, time-lapse videos, studio tips, time management tips, I've linked back to new blogs I've discovered, art Podcasts, art books... The list goes on!

Here are some of the posts you might have missed...

You see? I have been busy!

Remember, if you have a link to me on your side bar, you might want to up date the link too :0)
This is the final post I will make here, so pop over to my new place and come join the fun!

Meanwhile, here is a window to my latest post...

See you there!

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