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Friday, 2 December 2016

Marbles and Glass...


9" x 12" Oil on 3mm Museum Quality Gesso Panel

The play of light in this set up was a joy to paint! 
I never seem to bore of painting either marbles or glass and there are plenty more to come.

Meanwhile, I made a little video on You tube so you can see the painting in my studio surroundings.
The exposure is off, so the colours appear a little washed out in the video... I clearly need some practice!

But there will be more You Tube videos to come and I'm planning some time lapse videos in the future too when I get the hang of it. So if you enjoy the preview, don't forget to like and subscribe!

Back soon!


  1. I want to see more videos from you Sandra!!!! Love your painting!!!!! (:

    1. Lol, be careful what you wish for!! ;0)
      Thank you Hilda!

  2. Another grand painting with such a whimsical title! You are so creative, Sandra, and the little video was a delight! I love seeing the work in your studio setting and hearing your accent!

    1. Hehe! Do I have an accent? I always think of mine as bog standard but everyone else has an accent, lol! I'm glad you like the painting. Thanks so much! :0)


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