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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I'm ba-aaaack... And guess what!!!

Oh, how I've missed everything arty during my unavoidable break!

 I finally got back in to my poor, neglected studio last Saturday, having had no option but to take an eight week break. And I can tell you that I just don't feel like me at all when I'm not actively painting! Not painting is PANTS!

We are part way through extending the kitchen and as you can imagine, it's been like living on a building site. The sheer volume of cleaning has been exhausting! We've had ceilings pulled down, walls knocked through... My home could, at times have easily been mistaken for the Sahara Dessert from the amount of 'dust dunes' in there!

Meanwhile since the 1st of July we have also had a freakish number of social engagements to attend. No word of a lie, last Saturday was the first free day I have had since the 1st July! As much as it has all been lovely, I have been willing it all to end so I can get back in the studio... and it will only get better now. Phew!

Meanwhile, the September Issue of 'Paint Magazine' finally plopped through my letter box on the 1st... And guess who's on the cover...

...Oh, and guess who's also inside...


...Yep! That would be li'le ole me!
Who'd have thought?? 

So, I'll be back soon, I hope with a new painting. 
Meanwhile here's one example of some of the scenes I've been arriving home to recently...

...You feel my pain, right?


  1. Well yes ... I "would have thought!" I've been saying it for yonks (smiley word).

    Well done, Sandra.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!!!!! The cover is breathtaking!!!! This as you know is among my favorite of yours! And the article is so incredible, so deserved, so perfect!!!!
    Good luck with the reno, I know you're happy to be get some time to paint! Again, congrats on a well deserved exposure! And thank you for the kind word, much appreciated!

    1. Thanks so much Suz! Yes, I was delighted when I saw it :0)

  3. I feel your pain! But I think, when all is said and done, you will be very happy that you went through the agony in order to enjoy the wonderful result! Your painting on the cover is AWESOME as well as the article! You are a Superstar, Sandra!

    1. Thanks so much Susan! And yes, you are right... It'll all be worth it in the end :0)


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