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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Keep an Eye...

So since completing my last painting, 'Spillage', house renovations are now in full swing.
The kitchen is being extended and the house is resembling something of a building site at the moment.

Imagine a huge sack of flour with a hand grenade thrown in... You can guess the rest!
The wall to the new bit has finally been knocked through and next, the old ceiling comes down. Then it's all about the design. Not an easy task!

Keeping up with the cleaning along with everything else has been a real challenge, so to be completely blunt...  

I am finally having to wave my little white flag and hold my hands up to the fact that I can't do everything right now. Something's got to give. 

I haven't taken a bloggy break in a while, so now I think would be a good time! 

Although I'm not going to have time to paint much while it's so chaotic in the house, I am taking the time to draw a little something every day...

...Sketching is helping to scratch my creative itch while I can't get in the Studio.
And it's all good. It's not like I've lost my mojo or anything... My brushes are still calling me! 

So, I'll be back at the easel as soon as the house is straight and I'm not having to spin quite so many plates! I have lots of new ideas in my head just waiting to spill on to my canvas! 

Meanwhile I will be back sometime in September, so watch this space!!


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