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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fresh from the Easel...


18" x 26" Oil on Stretched Linen Canvas
Available on my Website

I'm beginning to wonder if my love for colour has something to do with the significant amount of grey we have been experiencing over here. It might be summer, but this angry sky has not been playing ball! 

Even though we live in the 'sunshine coast' of England, it seems that up to now, there has been four seasons everyday... And for the most part, it's been Autumn! Humph!

It's all a bit pants, because I was born to be in the sun. I should have lived somewhere hot; Somewhere where everyday is a barbecue day... Somewhere where there is no need to wear anything other than flip-flops and a sundress! Give me 30 degree heat any day! I LOVE it!

So maybe these bright colours come from my need for some sunshine. 
Well you've heard of 'colour therapy', right? Perhaps this is mine!

Pondering on this possibility, I had a look at how the colours of my painting might affect mood. It seems that mostly they invite serenity, tranquillity and positivity. I'm happy with that :0)

Anyway, apparently things are now going to warm up... Fingers crossed for some blistering heat! 
Meanwhile it's time to get my wellies on and take Sherlock for a wade through the swamp!

I hope you enjoy the new piece!
Time to start a new one!

Friday, 1 July 2016

An Update!

I haven't fallen off the planet... Things have just been a little manic around here!

My latest painting is almost complete... Another layer should do it. As soon as it's ready I'll finally be able to share it here :0)

Meanwhile on Wednesday, I spent the day at the SAA (Society For All Artists) headquarters, where I had been invited having made it to the final of the Artist of the Year competition!

It turns out that my painting 'The Night is Young' actually reached the top 1% (50 chosen out of 5,000 entries) and those 50 had been divided in to 4 categories (junior, beginner, amateur and professional) and there was a mixture of hyper-realism, realism, abstract, landscape etc ... 

To top it further, I was one of those that won an award!
 It's my first award and I can't begin to tell you how much it means!! 

I'm sure most have you have already heard about this on my Facebook page, but of course I wanted to post it here too.

Meanwhile, I have MORE exciting news to share!!! But I'll share that in another post... not just yet though! Watch this space!!


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