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Friday, 27 May 2016

Exibition (and other distractions)...

And... breeeeeath....
The 'Worlington Movement' exhibition, which was held at the Edmund Gallery, Bury St. Edmund's is over!

Window Display

...And a good time was had by all involved.

I could share so many photo's with you, there is so much wall space in there!
In the end I decided that just a few would do... 

...And I sold three paintings, which was cool :0)

And before I have even had time to collect my thoughts together, the 2017 exhibition dates have already been set! This one will be held much closer to home, at the Birley Centre in Eastbourne and the details are on my website on the 'Events' page.

So, what now...?  

Well, I have had to take a break from the Studio for a couple of weeks because of various other distractions and in fact I'm not going to get back in there for at least another week! 
I had planned to do a highly complex large still-life, but I just can't get the reference I'm looking for, so it's back to the drawing board... Literally!

 Meanwhile my 'Fish Out of Water' painting made it safely to it's new home on Gozo Island...

...I was so relieved to receive a photo showing it had made it there is one piece! 
It's always a fine balance between protecting the painting as much as possible, whilst keeping the weight to the minimum. It's tricky! 

One thing I can tell you is that I am going to be painting a lot more LARGE paintings from here on. I have a few new ideas in mind and I'll be playing with those over the next week or so, so I can hopefully get something started when I get back to the Studio.

So in case you thought I'd spontaneously combusted, or been abducted by Aliens, I haven't! I'm still here but I'm taking a break for a bit while I concentrate on getting some more reference material.

Back soon!


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