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Friday, 1 January 2016

New Studio, New Website, New Goals... New Year!

2016!! Can you believe it came so quickly?

And with this New Year comes my brand new website, my revamped blog, an Instagram account and a brand new art studio! What more could I have possibly wanted to start the New year??

So, I thought I'd share some photo's of the new space!

One VERY happy Artist!!!

The Easel and Light Box

The Drawing Station

The Painting Station

My Nifty Paint Organiseer!

The Runway to my Easel

Hurrah! Running Water!

The Light Box

The Drying Area with Removable Brackets

...I just LOVE the new space and I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful Husband and Dad who made it happen! I did make them a LOT of tea :0)

I have set myself some HIGH goals this year, since the relocation of the Studio has made it possible. The fact that I can now spend some time in there every day is key. 

I will certainly produce new work more regularly but I'm also seriously upping my game when it comes to my paintings. This year I intend to explore 'realism' painting a lot more deeply, now that time allows. 

This means that some of my paintings will take much longer to paint, but if I make sure I always have other small pieces on the go at the same time as working on larger pieces, this will help keep a regular flow of new work. 

I have other goals too. Entering competitions more regularly and posting more frequently on my blog and social media sites among others... But the focus will fall mainly on producing paintings I love, at a steadier rate. 

I want I'm going to 'smack my own gob!'

I'm really quite excited!

So, I'd love to hear your goals for this year if you care to share?
Meanwhile, I wish everyone a happy, productive and creative New-Year!

Back soon!


  1. It looks amaaaazing! It's really big isn't it! You're a very lucky lady! Do you use the light box for photos of your still life compositions or to photograph your finished paintings? It sounds like you've got a lot of goals and are all ready to achieve them in 2016. Here's to a super creative new year! Xx

    1. Thanks Nic!
      I use my light box to set up my Still Life. It means I have 90% more control of lighting than I do without. I don’t know how I ever managed without it now! And yes I have also used it to photograph paintings too :0)
      Happy New Year!!

  2. Ton nouvel atelier est magnifique !
    Bonne année, chère Sandra :)

  3. Well WOW! Pretty fantasticlebtooble! what an area ... such organisation ... new year ambitions listed an action plan ... tomorrow the World!

    My goals? oh 'um ... to keep bumbling along in a chaotic mess ... writing, painting, drawing, boat building... anyway the wind blows me and hope something good comes out of all the fun!

    Happy & Arty 2016

    1. Happy New Year John! And thank you!
      Well all of your bumbling along seems to get you a very long way! Unfortunately, if I let the wind carry me, I float around like a piece of tumbleweed, going in no particular direction! So I find that sometimes I have to fight against the wind to get where I want to go! :0)

  4. This Art Studio is so perfect Sandra! The light alone is wonderful. I have artificial light in my room and sometimes it just doesn't work...I feel like I'm going blind..LOL
    And light is everything!!.. Entering competitions is always nice but again, I find it stressful... but I would like to paint more landscapes and still life pieces... Enjoy your room's amazing!!!

    1. Thanks Hilda!
      I have a daylight bulb for when the light fades… and also a daylight lamp too. I can’t work in artificial light at all!
      I highly recommend a good daylight easel lamp for Artists. Mine was £60, so it’s not a huge investment, but it makes the world of difference! :0)

  5. wishing you a very happy new year sandra ... you new site looks good !

  6. Happy New Year, Sandra! What a fantastic new studio, wow! Looks very light too! Oh, I just read in your comment that you have a daylight lamp, good idea!

    1. The light really is fabulous Judy. So much better than I had before! And the daylight lamp is brilliant! Happy New Year! :0)

  7. WOW!! Sandra your new studio space is just wonderful!!! I love the way you've stored your paint tubes! It looks as though you'll be accomplishing all of your goals here. Just looking at it gets my creative juices flowing.

    Best of luck and much success and joy in the New Year my friend! And thank you so much for your very kind words on Jackson.

    Looking so forward to your work in the coming year! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much Suz! Happy New Year! I just can't wait to get in there painting! Right now I'm setting something up and sometimes that takes me a while. It'll be nice to finally pick up my brushes again :0)

  8. Wow! What a great space in which to create, Sandra! I am so looking forward to seeing the new work you create there - somehow I think it will be unique and very joyful!

    1. Thanks Susan! Just being in there is joyful! I'm loving it :0)

  9. It looks lovely. Good luck with everything this year.

    1. Thanks so much Sue! And you!
      Looks like Degas has become quite used to your sketching habits, which is great! It doesn’t seem long ago that we were both having difficulty fitting any art in at all with a puppy to look after! :0)

  10. Your new studio space looks fantastic! That light box looks very sophisticated, and I love how you organised your paint tubes! I have far too many and keep spending half of my painting time with trying to find the right colour in one of my paint boxes.


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