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Friday, 29 January 2016


So here it is. After many layers and glazes, my latest glass painting is finally complete...


9" x 12" Oil on Gesso Panel

I haven't yet manged to take a proper photo, simply because trying to eliminate the glare is proving to be a nightmare! But I have just ordered a new gizmo for my camera, which should reduce the problem significantly. As soon as I've got it and have taken the right photo, I'll post it here.

Meanwhile I have a new glass painting in progress, but this one will be on a lighter, brighter background. Just look at these quirky glasses...

Aren't these cool?

...And it's one of these guys that features in my next painting!

So, watch this space!!

Friday, 22 January 2016


Following on from my last post, today I'm sharing the progress of my latest Glass Painting. 

Oils can be a slowwww process when painting in layers like this, but I think it is worth spending the time, not least to say that this painting, when it's done, will last longer than any of us... Oh, and it will age better too!

So, this was the next layer...

The 'Skanky Teenage Stage'

...And this is where it is right now...

Looking Better

...And there is still a way to go yet!

It's true that you need patience to work in this way, slowly building, layer by layer  *yyyaaaawn*. And there are times when I am so tempted by Acrylics as they dry so quickly!

Speaking of drying, here is a nifty little find I bought for less that £5.00! 
It's a dish rack and I am using it as a place to stand my paintings at their various stages as they dry...

A Nifty Gadget

...Better still, it usually sits under a net, which also prevents the dust from settling on the wet paint!

As you can see, there is another painting at it's very first stage sitting at the back. I'll be sharing more on that one soon, so watch this space!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Work In Progress...

Following on from my last post, I have finally got that brush to canvas! The under painting is done and I'm about ready to begin my colour layers...

Under painting

It's always nice to get rid of that scary white canvas...

Scary White Canvas

...Ahh... The blank canvas... So many possibilities it holds!
But it doesn't stay blank for long...

Under drawing

By the time you read this I will be about mid way through the painting.
I also have another one drawn out and ready to roll and a third Still Life set up in my Shadow Box. So it's all happening here!

I just love having a few things on the go at once. It's a great way of keeping a regular flow of new work trickling in. Right now it's a case of waiting for the first drip to come down the pipe! Well, those pipes did become a little rusty during the studio relocation!

...But, not long now!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Lights, Camera... Action!

I just love the feeling I get when I have an inspiration for a new painting! I can finally start setting something up! And that 'oh so clean' white canvas comes with so many possibilities... 

Yes, I love it when my brushes call me... and I am right there as we speak.

Right now I am at the very beginning stage, trying to manipulate the perfect light to create something warm and atmospheric. This is when my Light Box comes in to it's own...

Light Box in Action!

This will be the first painting I begin in the new studio and I already have a plan for the second, which I want to get going at the same time. So watch this space for more progress shots!

Back soon...

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Studio, New Website, New Goals... New Year!

2016!! Can you believe it came so quickly?

And with this New Year comes my brand new website, my revamped blog, an Instagram account and a brand new art studio! What more could I have possibly wanted to start the New year??

So, I thought I'd share some photo's of the new space!

One VERY happy Artist!!!

The Easel and Light Box

The Drawing Station

The Painting Station

My Nifty Paint Organiseer!

The Runway to my Easel

Hurrah! Running Water!

The Light Box

The Drying Area with Removable Brackets

...I just LOVE the new space and I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful Husband and Dad who made it happen! I did make them a LOT of tea :0)

I have set myself some HIGH goals this year, since the relocation of the Studio has made it possible. The fact that I can now spend some time in there every day is key. 

I will certainly produce new work more regularly but I'm also seriously upping my game when it comes to my paintings. This year I intend to explore 'realism' painting a lot more deeply, now that time allows. 

This means that some of my paintings will take much longer to paint, but if I make sure I always have other small pieces on the go at the same time as working on larger pieces, this will help keep a regular flow of new work. 

I have other goals too. Entering competitions more regularly and posting more frequently on my blog and social media sites among others... But the focus will fall mainly on producing paintings I love, at a steadier rate. 

I want I'm going to 'smack my own gob!'

I'm really quite excited!

So, I'd love to hear your goals for this year if you care to share?
Meanwhile, I wish everyone a happy, productive and creative New-Year!

Back soon!


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