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Friday, 27 November 2015

Work in progress!

Wow, it really has been a while since I last posted! But I do have very  good reasons for my absence.

The first reason, is that I have been building a brand new Website. And as you've probably noticed, I gave my Blog a fresh new look to continue the theme. This was all very time consuming but well worth it!

The second reason is of course that Christmas is coming up. And with Christmas, comes commissions. The problem is, that often I can't share them here in case they are seen by the recipient!

But, the best reason of all is that my Art Studio is completely upside down and inside out... 
Frankly unusable!

...Erm... how is that a good thing? 

Well, it's because my Studio is relocating this December and the conversion is already underway. The best part is, that I have a large empty space that I was able to design from scratch, even down to where the windows will be!

So I thought you might like to see my design. Of course it isn't at all to scale and the descriptions are very basic, but it just shows roughly the position of everything...

...The relocation means that I will be able to spend significantly more time in the Studio than I have been able to before, meaning I will be producing paintings at a far steadier rate than in previous years. I can't tell you how excited I am about that!

But of course until it's complete I don't have anywhere suitable to paint, which is frankly painful... and I mean REALLY painful, but I have to focus on what's ahead, rather than whine about the now.

Anyway, I have also very recently joined Instagram and this is where I will be sharing photo's of the studio as it progresses, so that's where to look if you want to follow along!

Meanwhile, I can at least share this progress shot of one of my Christmas commissions...

 I don't have a shot of him all complete yet.
As you can imagine, I got completely lost in his beautiful eyes!


  1. A beautiful Christmas commission Sandra! I can see why you got completely lost in his beautiful eyes! He's painted so perfectly. Love that gleam!

  2. Your new studio looks fab. I'm envious of the running water part as that's the one thing mine won't have! Why is your other studio out of commission-won't you still be able to use that until this one is finished?

    1. Hi Nic

      The other studio is full of the stuff from the garage!
      That said, I can still just about use it, but it’s not a nice place to be in when it’s such a mess as you can imagine. There’s just no room!
      I am so excited to start moving my things in to the new now but it’ll be a while yet! So I am going in the old one today to finish of a few bits :0)

  3. Looks like everything is changing in your world, Sandra. I understand your logistic nightmare. I've had to build a workshop to take all the garage 'stuff' so I could build a boat in the garage!!

    I'll try to stay in touch, although you seem to be moving around the net.

    1. Lol, it would seem that way John, but in actual fact, my blog and website url address remain the same. I have just added a few places to my list :0)

  4. What a great studio space! (I am so envious.... ;) )

    1. Thanks Judy. I can hardly wait to get in there at the New Year! :0)

  5. Bonsoir très chère amie,

    Un immense merci pour ton gentil message...
    Cette fin d'année pour toi signifie un joli bouleversement ! Je suis très heureuse pour toi. Les projets qui se concrétisent sont tellement excitants.
    Bravo pour ce beau portrait de bébé. Il n'est pas facile de dessiner un bébé ! Bravo l'artiste.

    Gros gros bisous ♡

    1. Thank you so much Martine!
      Yes, I am very excited to paint more next year :0)

  6. A very busy, hectic, yet exciting time for you Sandra. Your Christmas commission is looking fabulous already, and you've done a stunning job on those eyes. ;-)

    1. Thanks so much John!
      All my Xmas commissions are finally done so I can concentrate on other things at last. Hurrah! :0)

  7. Good to be back seeing your marvellous work again Sandra good news about the studio.


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