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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Much love...

We lost a very special person yesterday. Someone our family loved dearly.

It's not something I would wish to write about anywhere else, but I do feel a need to pay a tribute to him, since he is my most valued and respected mentor and he is a big part of why I have continued to paint through periods of self doubt.

This is not a new painting, but I think it relates well. The antique decanter and wine glass belong to him, and he particularly enjoys the red wine it holds... And when he saw this painting for the first time, he said to me "Now, you are a real Artist." And coming from one so talented as him, meant the absolute world.

So, to my Uncle Danny, I raise my glass... I love you and I want to thank you for guiding me to the place I am today. 

I will see you one day, in that great big art studio in the sky...


  1. m so sorry for your loss Sandra but what a beautiful tribute to your uncle, your love and respect radiate from your words. Xx

    1. Thank you Nic
      He really will be missed. He was the lovliest man xx

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Sandra. What a wonderful tribute for your uncle, who lovingly supported you and your art.
    Kathryn XX

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Sandra but this is a lovely tribute to someone who you clearly loved and respected... No doubt he is sitting with Cody and Mushu and having a grand time watching over you... Xx

    1. Oh yes, and Cindy, his own dog! Although she was quite scary as she used to growl and bark at us when we were little, lol!

  4. Bonjour ma chère Sandra,

    Je te présente mes très sincères condoléances... Je suis vraiment navrée d'apprendre cette grande perte et le grand vide que tu dois ressentir. Cependant sache, qu'un "mentor" ne meure jamais. Il sera toujours là pour te guider. Il le sera encore davantage aujourd'hui car où que tu sois tu sentiras sa présence.
    Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage et je t'envoie toute mon affection.
    Moi aussi je penserai à toi, à vous deux lorsque je lèverai mon verre et que je dégusterai mon prochain verre de vin.

    Gros bisous ♡

    1. Merci beaucoup Martine pour vos aimables paroles.
      Oui, je vais continuer à entendre son des mots d'encouragement quand les temps sont durs, donc il va vraiment toujours là ... et il laisse beaucoup de beaux souvenirs de sa vie derrière ... Sculptures ... peintures ... donc il ya des rappels de lui partout: 0)

  5. C'est vraiment triste.
    Toutes mes pensées pour toi, chère Sandra.

  6. So sorry for your loss, Sandra. This is a great tribute to your uncle and mentor.

  7. Not an easy time for you, Sandra. Every time you paint it will be a tribute to Uncle Danny, repaying the gift he gave to you. Deepest sympathies for such a great loss.


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