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Thursday, 13 August 2015

WIP... Commission.

 I've never been very good at being 'between' paintings. 
Over time, I have realised that anything more than a short absence from my studio, can actually leave me feeling quite frustrated and even anxious!

Now that we have finished decorating the hallway, I'm relieved to finally get back behind the easel! And first to take the stand is a commission and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in!

It's quite complex piece but I do love a challenge! And this time I am painting large ...Well, large for me anyway at 24 x 30 inches.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the first stage with you...

The colours in this will be very 'tropical' when it's complete :0)
Meanwhile I am planning to get another one or two pieces on the go over the next couple of weeks.

So I have plenty going on in my studio!
 What's going on in yours?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Different Kind of Art...

I thought I ought to write a post to explain my recent absence! 
I haven't stopped painting, but I have been painting things aside from canvas, such as woodwork!

Yes, we have been knee deep in decorating and re-doing the entire hallway and landing has been an epic task! 
We pretty much gutted it and started again.

Of course my favourite part was the 'styling' and I really love how it turned out!

...It's now the perfect place to sit with my feet up over a cup of coffee, with an Art book to browse through :0)

All but a few final touches it's about done, which means I can get back to painting on canvas! And if you read my recent Newsletter, you'll know that I am extra specially inspired to paint, as I'll be exhibiting in May 16 with The Worlington Artists, who I have recently been invited to join!

...That, however is another story altogether and I will be posting all about it soon. For now I just wanted to pop my head in and let you know that I'm still here and I'm buzzing with new ideas to paint. So watch this space!


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