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Friday, 12 June 2015

Oil Painting of a Pomegranate...

Sweetness & Light...

18" x 14" Oil on Stretched Canvas

...And I got to eat this beautiful thing... Nom nom nom... Mmmm...
I LOVED painting this. Those rich colours are a JOY to paint. And the tiny little details in the skin...

...Yes, every brush stroke was a pleasure!

It is bigger than it looks at 18 x 14 inches.
My fabulous studio assistant, Geoffrey, found himself having to look up at it with his brand new googly eyes!

It was one of those paintings I was actually disappointed to finish and I was very tempted to keep... 
I am still thinking about it!

So how about you... What's on your easel right now?


  1. I love the rich, warm colors, Sandra! And you're right - would never believe it is 18 x 14 in. I thought it was about 8 x 10.
    Kathryn XX

    1. Thanks Kathryn. I prefer painting larger. I've just bought some 36" x 24" Canvases! :0)

  2. Beautiful.This is so you those warm rich dark colours! Funny I got a pomegranate to paint like my strawberry but I cut it open for the texture inside-what a mess, juice everywhere, it looked like a crime scene! I'm not a fan of how they taste but they certainly look beautiful! :-)

    1. Thanks Nic :0)
      I love pomegranates but HATE the taste of pomegranate juice! Where is the sense in that??

  3. It must have been wonderful to paint with these reds! Love the result!

    1. Thank you :0)
      It was Judy... They are my favourite colours! :0)

  4. Oh, I love eating them. They look like a bunch of jewels. Nature is fabulous. Another great painting my friend!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! They are the weirdest fruits inside... That would be a complex painting! :0)

  5. Bonjour chère Sandra,

    Oh voilà justement ce dont j'ai besoin !! Il est dit que tous les fruits rouges sont nécessaires pour une excellente santé... Un grand apport de vitamines rien qu'en admirant cette superbe toile !
    J'aime beaucoup toutes ces nuances de rouge. Une peinture qui n'a pas dû être aussi facile à photographier car les rendus des rouges sont souvent très compliqués à respecter.
    Bravo pour ce moment de plaisir pour les yeux !
    Gros bisous


    1. Bonjour Martine
      Merci beaucoup pour votre belle commentaire! Je suis tellement heureux que vous avez apprécié la Grenade. Je vraiment aimé peindre: 0)
      Étreintes: 0)


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