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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Something Fishy is Going on...

This month I've been busy painting for the 'Naked Challenge' and so far it's proving to be just what I needed to get my butt in the Studio more regularly! Somehow I'm managing to get so much more done, despite giving myself far more to do, if that makes sense? I even designed a nifty little logo/badge for the Naked blog, which you can see on my side bar. It was good fun! I've never designed a logo before and I think it looks quite cool!

I'll be sharing some of the paintings I do for the Naked Challenge on here too (though maybe quite a bit later), but if you want to see what Suzanne Berry contributes, then you will need to go the the 'Naked Artists' blog. She has posted an amazing painting on there today and it is WELL worth a look! The blog is very new and hopefully there will be plenty of art to see throughout each month - and anyone can join in the fun! 

Here is the one I posted on the Naked blog last week...

Solitude 1

8" x 8" Oil on Gesso Panel

 Click to Purchase 

...Isn't he cute? I named him Geoffrey :0)

Before I go I thought I'd share with you a little tip... 
Yesterday, I almost threw these empty make-up pots away... 

...until I realised they would make perfect oil paint savers! And to make the leftover paint last even longer, I'll just pop them in the fridge!

Happy painting all!

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