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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cocktail painting with Sparkler...

'Anyone for some Sparkly?'


You might remember, during an earlier post I came up with the bright idea that painting a Cocktail with a sparkler might be fun. 

Well I wasn't wrong - It was fun in awesome amounts! 
In fact, photographing it, proved to be more difficult than actually painting it, so for now this is the best I can do, but you get the idea :0)

I think the photo below captures the colours and contrast of light far more accurately than the one above...

This was one of those paintings where I really had to think way ahead, right from the very first layer. 
I wanted to make sure I caught the translucency of the cherry, the glow of the light through the paper umbrella and the movement in the sparkler.

 You can see some of the stages it went through by clicking here.

Although I've already put it on my website, it will have to remain on hold for a while before I can release it for sale. This is because, that all important sparkler will take several weeks before it's dry enough to post anywhere!
Hopefully you can make out the texture of the sparkler, here...

Meanwhile, I am going through another 'glass phase' so there will be plenty more on the way.
Cheers everyone! Enjoy the sparkly!

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Latest Cocktail Painting in Progress...

I thought you might like a sneaky peak at my latest cocktail glass (with a sparkler) as it's in progress.
(In case you missed it, you can see the first layer by clicking here)

So, This is the beginning of layer 2....

 ...Looks a little scruffy here, doesn't it? 
But it quickly progresses in layer 3 to look a little more refined...

In layer 4, I have begun to add more colour, which at this point looks a little harsh.
In fact, yyes - It's definitely at its 'skanky teenage stage' right here! But that's quite normal and will change as I add further glazes...

...I like how the cork is looking as it just catches the light, but I want that umbrella to really glow where the light shines through the thin, translucent paper.

Next I'll continue with glazes of transparent colours over the entire canvas, until I achieve the depth I'm looking for and that the glow from the sparkler is a little softer.
 Then will come the really fun part... adding the 'sparkle' to the sparkler, which at this point is far from how it will look. I want it to 'moVe'!

Finally I'll add detail, such as the reflected light across the cherry and of course the glass, so it pops out from the darkness. This is when the glass will look 'glassy'.

The next time you see it, it'll be complete. 
Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed a peak in to my process :0)

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