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Thursday, 19 June 2014

'Alla Prima' Bear...

'Will you pick me...?' 


This little dude, along with several others, has been staring at me from my studio shelf for some time.
I think he was wondering if he was ever going to be painted!

As you know I've been wanting to paint some more bears for a while, but this time I decided to do a more impressionistic series at a much smaller size. This one is 8" x 10"

I really enjoyed the freedom that impressionism allows. Instead of blending my brushstrokes as I often do, I embraced them!
But regardless of this, whether it's to do with my palette or the familiar subject I chose, I think that my style still shines through the lively brushstrokes!

How refreshing it was to walk in to my studio to a blank canvas and walk out with a completed painting from just one sitting!!  
 So, I am definitely going to do a lot more paintings like this!
That's not to say I will abandon my more realist style anytime soon. In fact, I'll soon be starting another cocktail painting... But I like to think there will be room for both.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Portrait in Oils...

This gorgeous, gorgeous boy is Chris...

And having met him before, I can tell you that along with his heart-melting good looks, came intelligence, charm, manners, promise...

I found this such an emotional challenge to paint.
 Chris passed away less than a year ago and since I have a Son around the same age, I had to make a conscious effort to detach, which I found to be extremely difficult.

As I painted him, I tried to play the kind of music that I thought that he might like, I painted him in a style that I thought he would like and even though he is not here in the physical sense, Chris is the one who I wanted to like it the most.

  With this in mind, once I had completed the painting, I asked my Son Charlie to approve it - and he said that he would be really happy if I painted him in the same style. I think it's because the monochrome has quite a modern feel, don't you?

Anyway - Chris's painting will shortly be on his way to his family who have no idea of his pending arrival or even that I have painted him at all. I won't be there when they see the painting...
...Probably just as well, I have cried so much already...

'Just because we can not see someone, it doesn't mean they are not there'


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