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Monday, 10 March 2014

A Useful Tip for Checking your Tonal Values...

What a beeeeeeautiful weekend it has been!
After months of relentless downpours and strong winds, all of a sudden we are experiencing 
glorious sunshine! Hurrah!!

It was far too nice to sit a the computer working on my Website, so I only did a little of that.
The rest of the time was spent in my sun drenched art studio. 

Anyway, I completed my apple study. But before I was sure, I decided to take a photo in monochrome to check that the tonal values are working. This is a great way of spotting a problem!

Yes, I am happy with this.

But it looks rather... blah... like this don't you think? 
So, I will post the colour version later this week. 
And by the way, the title of this one is just as bonkers as the title of the lemon! 
So watch this space! ;0)


  1. I never knew that about the tonal values-a good tip to remember for next time! It looks great but I'm looking forward to seeing it in colour and to finding out what you've called it! I never really cared for still life as a subject matter before but somehow your glasses, fruit and teddy bears have titally made me rethink my notion of still life as boring - these are somehow classical and contemporary all at the same time & not in the least boring!

  2. And that's totally said in a bad 'allo allo' French accent in case you wondered!!

    1. Lol! Yes - colour is much nicer to look at isn't it?
      I thought I'd do some simple fruit studies as a way of warming up for something more complex. But they are fun to do :0)

  3. It looks pretty good to me Sandra and very realistic. Wonder if it's a Royal Gala, Raeburn or (my favourite) Jazz.

    As someone who has been designing and building websites for years, I'll be interested to see yours when it's finished. Let me know if you need help or are stuck on something :)

    1. You are very kind Frank - Thank you!
      I am slowly muddling my way through. Hope it's complete by the end of April. That's my goal. I'm going to do a free giveaway to launch it!
      Btw - it was a Braeburn :0)


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