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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Warming up...

I thought I would spare you any more bear talk today, whilst I warm up for a new year of paintings! 

As I often do early on in the year, when the days are short and I've had a break, I tend to do a lot of  sketching, it helps to scratch that creative itch!

Here is one subject I particularly enjoy drawing... 

The Nose!

Or Honk...                                                                   Or Conk..


The Hooter... 

      The Snout...                                                                     And the cute little button...


These rather odd projections which protrude from our faces make the perfect subjects to draw. They are all so different!

And I think it's a good idea to concentrate on one subject for a while. 
It's a really good way to get to know it well :0)

Did you know that noses never stop growing? Now there's a scary thought - Ooer!!

Anyway, enough nosey nonsense! I will be sharing a new glass sketch in my next post and then it's back to some painting - So watch this space :0)



  1. In my "younger" days, I used to sketch noses....then mouths...of course, my favorite sketches that I did was always eyes..
    Your noses are wonderful...good practice for all of us..! I love your button nose sketch.... I look forward to your glass sketch..!!!

  2. A great selection of nose sketches. It's funny how many different types there are!

  3. Now there's some pretty cool honkers!!
    Von :)

  4. Lovely variety Sandra, you have captured them all well.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What a wonderful parade of noses, Sandra! Very beautiful drawings, you're so talented! :)

  7. awesome nose post... your skills are nothing to sniff at that's for sure!!!!

  8. One of those parts that I could not manage while drawing faces, so I gave up drawing :-(

  9. Love your noses, Sandra! What about one more, before you leave the land of noses? ... the schnoz??? :)

  10. That is definitely a scary thought! But what a great variety of noses. What a great idea to concentrate on a particular subject and explore that in all its variety. I regularly despair when drawing a portrait when it comes to the nose. They always end up looking somehow stupid. I should probably spend some time just on them too. And on ears. And mouths, and eyes...

  11. What a surprise - a little nose-ology to contemplate!

  12. I was almost losing this interesting variety of noses. Well done Sandra. Have a great week! Ciao.

  13. Hi Sandra. Haven't checked in for a while. Nice to see your keeping busy. You've certainly racked up some paintings. The anatomy of the nose is quite a complex thing isn't it! We focus a lot on the eyes but the nose is deceptively big (bigger on some than others).


  14. Wonderful noses, Oh no our noses keep growing ha ha.. that is a very sad thought!! ha ha.. love,Diana


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