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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New beginnings...

It's that time! I am FINALLY getting around to building my website!
It's long overdue and it means I'll be absent for a while, but I think it will be time well spent, since my blog is more of an interactive playground for a mixture of all sorts rather than an area for people to see or buy my more refined artwork.

I will also be giving my blog a huge revamp.  
At the moment it seems to reflect my personality more than it does my work and I'd like it to tie in nicely with my website. So, over the coming weeks you will notice some gradual changes here, until it looks quite different than it does now :0)

But the BEST news of all, is that this coming winter I will be in a position where I can increase my painting time significantly and indefinitely. This will make a huge difference to my productivity.
I am so exited about this because I have another bear series in mind along with so many other ideas! 

Anyway - for now I will leave you with one of what will be a series of three paintings, collectively titled 'Fruit Cocktail', which is a rather more obvious title than their individual ones.
 This particular one is titled... 'Not an Apple' ;0) 

And it's what I call a 'distance' painting, where the detail is quite minimal, 
but it appears realistic when viewed from a distance...

See what I mean?

Anyway, I am part way through 'Not a Banana' as we speak 
and I imagine that once all three completed paintings are framed and in a row, they will look rather appetising :0)

See you soon!


  1. sandra looks great from a distance it would make a big impac at a large scale too ...good luck with you site and plans

  2. Not an apple looks great. I think most of my work is what you call distance paintings! Looking forward to seeing your blog update and I must Google that website you told me about. I might want to pick your brains on how that will be better re SEO etc. I thinkis agood ideato havea separate website but i don't think it's a bad thing that your blog reflects you though-that's what keeps people coming back to read them!

  3. Not an apple ..LOL !. It's a great rendition of a lemon.
    Good luck with the website, I'm sure it will be fantastic... You don't have to say a thing.. Just put up all those wonderful paintings of yours..

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I've been "out" for a bit and just caught up on your grandbaby news - Congratulations!! What fun that will be :). Your paintings look wonderful (of course) and I am excited to read about your website. I know it's not nearly as enjoyable as painting but it will be nice to have that behind you. Best of luck with that. Cheers, Sandy.

  5. good luck Sandra with your new plans.. love to you,Diana

  6. Love the title and the painting! And so excited for you to hear about the increased time you will have for painting! How wonderful is that?! Especially with so many teddy bears out there waiting to be painted by you! I am happy for you, Sandra!

  7. Oh Sandra, this lemon is outstanding! the transition is perfect... the best of luck with the "change"... I hope it will still be easy to comment on your beautiful work...change scares

  8. Ciao Sandra,
    un vero limone con il suo fascino di forma, colore che appaga gli occhi.
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  9. Love the new look and the header is quite gorgeous... All round fabulous and so pleased you will have more painting time as that means we will have more work to gaze at... Wins all round I would say...xx


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