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Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Story Untold... Told!!

Well that was rather a long bloggy break wasn't it? Oo-er!
It seems that in January each year I seem to lose my Mojo... So this year, I decided that I would allow myself a break to re-charge my creative battery ready for February :0)

And further to my last post all about the lost teddy, it's lovely to be back with some exciting news! 
In fact, my smile is so big today, that if anyone comes too close I am quite sure they might fall in!!

If  you read this article all the way to the bottom, you will see why...

So, not only has this gorgeous Bear finally found his owner, which is great news in its own right - but The Daily Mail Online also featured my painting in their story! 

I almost spat my tea across the table when I saw it! I feel so honoured to have been included as part of such a special story and I am so pleased that Bristol Bear will be home soon...

Anyway - as usual I will begin the year with a fair bit of sketching - let's call it warming up for some more paintings. And of course as always I will share them with you - so watch this space :0)


  1. HI Sandra, I'm so delighted for you. That is a wonderful painting and I really think you should write a story and do the painting for it.. it would make a delightful book.. so glad the dear bear found it's home. Can't wait to see your sketches. love to you and kiss on the nose for,Diana

  2. Sandra, that is the greatest news!!!! [I am smiling, too, as I write to you] Old Bristo has been reunited with his family, and YOU are a CELEBRITY!!! I think Diana has a good idea, too - write an illustrated story about Bristo's saga. Oh, Sandra, I am so excited for you!
    Kathryn XOXOXO

  3. A very beautiful storyline, with a sweet painting! Arianna

  4. That's an amazing story Sandra, and your painting skills have sky-rocketed since those early days when I read your blog.

  5. Wow, Sandra!! The story gave me goosebumps!!! LOVE IT!!! It definitely is great news and I'm SOOO excited for you!!!! I absolutely love this piece!!!!

  6. I bet you couldn't believe your eyes !!! ...that's just wonderful sandra ! must be thrilled

  7. i am awash in goose bumps right now!!! how incredibly wonderful is this??? i'm so thrilled and you must be over the moon. congratulations on the well deserved feature as well. wow!! this made me very, very happy!!

  8. A wonderful ending! I am so happy the bear is back with his owner. And your painting tells the story so beautifully!

  9. I'm so glad the real bear found his home and how fab that you got so much publicity with your painting! I expect the commissions to come flooding in for you now! It seems it isn't just me that has been remiss in blogging this year then-this time last year I was doing the 75 day sketch challenge but this year I'm sticking to gouache and taking much longer to finish anything!!


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