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Monday, 9 December 2013

Sketching... and baking!

I am quite sure that we are all finding it a little difficult to fit a great deal of painting in at the moment and it's not just me, right?
Once again, Christmas is hurtling towards us at such an alarming rate!

I still haven't finished Christmas shopping - or put our tree up for that matter... I've been procrastinating whilst envisaging a ten month old Labrador and a Christmas tree, covered in lots of twigs, branches and big shiny baubles, in the same room!
Hmm... this could be interesting...
I can't put it off for much longer so it will definitely go up some time this week. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, following the arrival in the post of my new grey toned sketchbook, I sat and sketched a glass...

Pastel, chacoal and pen

I do love working on toned paper!
The ellipses are a bit off, but it is only a sketch, so it doesn't matter :0)

Anyway -  I have something else, FAR more exciting to show you!
Meet our first grandchild - AKA 'The Sponge-Cake'...

Isn't he cute? (It's a baby boy)
He is baking away in our daughters oven as we speak and is due to pop out some time in April :0)

Anyway - I wonder if you can help...
They are trying to think of a boys name that is a little unusual, but not TOO odd ;0)
So, I thought that this would be the perfect place to get some ideas from around the globe!

Do any of you have some suggestions? If you do, we would love to hear them :0)


  1. OH Sandra, how precious, he's gorgeous!! your grandchild.. you are so young. Blessings on your daughter and family!! how wonderful. Congratulations. The tree may be a slight problem,as I was pulling it out of the car, Sadie jumped on it. ha ha.. and you read the rest. However she now ignores it,totally. Of course I don't have much on it,lights, bows, and a few stuffed ornaments up top. Good luck. let us know please.. ha ha. I adore your sketch on grey paper. how beautiful. You are so talented. love to you and Sherlock and your family!!love,Diana ps. Clay is a great name( my sons).

  2. No it's not just you who has been busy! :) Fabulous glass! Oh what a lovely baby boy sponge cake! I am not going to suggest any names, I like good old Dutch names, haha.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Christmas tree and, conundrum... :) so glad it's not me. :D
    Congratulations on Sponge Cake... French names I like are Rémy (after the cognac..I'm in the Cognac region and I have a friends son with that name) Didier or Xavier (X is pronounced as an Z) :)
    Loving your glass on tonal paper.
    Good luck with the decorations xx

  4. I thought you were actually going to have been in the kitchen,but it is the clever daughter who is busy baking... and he looks gorgeous... have no clue why you are considering any name other than Bruce ... will put phantom onto the task of name hunting... sure she will come up with something suitably odd... and your sketch is gorgeous... amazingly gorgeous...xx

  5. Phantom suggested Gwendolyn!!!! he would learn how to fight at least

  6. Lovely sketch. Your elipses look fine to me.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Fantastic sketch. You've captured the shine on the glass wonderfully - wish my actual glasses sparkled that well.

    Congratulations on the new member of the gang - how exciting to get have this anticipation over the holidays.

  9. hi sandra that's exciting news ... congratulations "grandma "! .. fantastic sketch sandra

  10. Hi Sandra, when I opened your blog I have thought that the glass was a REAL glass, really incredible the realism. Congratulations for the next "new entry" in the family! Ciao!!

  11. WONDERFUL sketch Sandra!!! really beautiful, makes me want to draw on toned paper! and WOW!!! a grandchild??? if all grannies could look like you i would imagine no one would mind becoming one! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i'll put on my thinking cap regarding names. it took 3 months to name the pugs, i fear i won't be much help.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours my friend!

  12. i only pu comments
    thankssssssss for coming on my blog

  13. OH my goodness, that glass looks SOOO real... I had to look (and read) twice! Congrats on the grandchild! Babies are such fun:-) Here's my list of boy names for you: Devan, Neels, Pieter, Martin, Fritz, Leif. How's that for a start?:-)

  14. OHMYGoodness, Sandra!!!! Congratulations !!! I'm so happy and excited for you and your family!! Wonderful news!
    and of course, your sketch of the glass is outstanding!!! You're so talented!! okay, back to this gorgeous little boy !
    I can only think of one name that I've loved for many years and that would be Jon Marc !!! or John for my handsome husband! LOL Your daughter will have so much fun picking out a name!! So many out there!!!

  15. congratulations! Sorry, no perfect names jump to mind but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog tonight-- your drawings and paintings are beautiful!

  16. Excelente! Very beautiful art!
    A big hug

  17. Sandra, congratulations!!! That's VERY exciting! So happy for all of you ; ) Also, I have to say that before I read your post I thought you had tipped a glass onto your paper and were tracing the rim. That looks amazing. Great things all around <3

  18. This time of year is manic - and I love it :) Painting does go on the back burner a little.
    Love your glass sketch - unusual choice of angle.
    Congrats too on the grandchild - can you persuade them to have Edward as a nod to your bears? :)


  20. I somehow missed this post. Your glass looks amazing - I can't see anything wrong with it - your glasses are always perfect as far as I'm concerned. I still can't believe you're going to be a granny!! Boys' names? Well, I loved Reuben which was why I called my boy dog that! I also love Joel although I suppose it also depends on your daughter's surname as to how the first name will go. I like Pat's suggestion of Edward although I'd go even further and suggest Ted!

  21. A Very Happy and Successful New Year! Sandra .... May The Art Force Be With You!


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