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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WIP... Stage one...

Oh, how nice it is to be back in the Art Studio!
And now the first series of eight bears is complete, it's quite the novelty being able to just paint whatever I fancy for a change!

On Saturday, I found myself drumming my fingers on my art desk, wondering what to paint. 
I had bought with me some rather lovely Christmas Baubles that were a possibility - but I just don't feel quite festive enough yet!

So, I browsed the 'possible paintings' folder on my iPad and came across a photo I had taken a few months ago. 
You know when you see a moment that just begs to be painted? Well it was one of those moments! This man is such a character and he looks quite the rock star in the photo! 

Anyway, I thought I would share the portrait with you in stages over the next week or so... (Oo-er... let's hope it turns out okay then!)
This is layer one, where I have established the basic structure of his face along with a pattern of lights and darks...

...Though he is a really colourful character, I am going to keep this as a relatively monochrome painting because I think it will compliment the style quite nicely. But regardless of colour, there are still a couple more layers to go yet. 

In the next layer, most of the sharp edges will disappear and the whole thing will become richer in depth... 
So, watch this space! 

It's going to be so nice to be blogging regularly again! 
I have missed it :0)


  1. Oooooo ... I can see why this photo was begging, pleading, demanding to be painted!!! What fabulous light/shadow! I so much look forward to watching this portrait progress.
    Kathryn XX

  2. Oh my Sandra, this is going to be outstanding, in fact it already is!!! also, great to have you back!

  3. Love the rock star air you've got going with this and keeping it monochrome will add to it. Glad you are sharing the's always interesting to see. :)

  4. We're both trying to get back in harness. Everyone wants the large geisha I painted. Now on the's getting boring.

    I need to be doing something like you are sharing with us ... that is something the artist wants to do.

    I love the composition and the potential is already straining to get out. Looking forward to seeing the next stages

  5. Hello Sandra,
    excellent portrait!
    Light and expression. The best of Sandra!
    A big hug

  6. Oh my goodness this is so good. You can really catch the light, what a great photo. I will be watching your progress and learning from the master.

  7. So nice to see you back in blogland - it's been so long! I thought this must be someone famous when I first saw it - the shades, the cigarette - all very rock and roll!! Looking forward to seeing this one progress.

  8. Bonjour Sandra,
    Un portrait prometteur!
    Bises :)

  9. A really strong image with the light on his face, I like it! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  10. He IS a face filled with character! The shades compliment the whole look ; ) This is looking really strong. Look forward to seeing it develop!

  11. Hi Sandra,
    Just wanted to leave a note, thanking you very much for your comment on my post. [and this was the easiest way I could find :) ]
    I know Mario will love the portrait - he is such a sweet, gentle man.
    I am not a fan of wishy-washy watercolor either. No kidding! Glad you like that dahlia!! It does stand out. :)
    Kathryn XX

  12. Hi Sandra, it is already very beautiful, it will be super at the end........ Ciao!!

  13. Hi Sandra. Leave the blog a while is always healthy, I do frequently. Become hard and a good job, quit or continue always the artist choice.
    Hugs from Barcelona

  14. Great start. I'm sure it'll turn out fabulous.

  15. Perfect just the way it is.... love,love love it!

  16. This is the kind of portrait that I always look for, Sandra...the perfect face.. light and pose...I can see this will be an amazing portrait and I'll be waiting for the next post!!!

  17. It is looking amazing... really atmospheric and cool... so curious about what the next step will look like... can't wait for you to get back to the studio...xx

  18. Well I am drawing up my chair for a front row seat! This is a great beginning and I can't wait to see it develop!

  19. He is looking so good already, Sandra. I know he'll be fabulous!

  20. great start and character sandra


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