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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Completed Portrait... 'The Star'

And the reason for the title? Well, there's no question he has a 'rock star' look about him, right? 
He reminds me a little of a Rolling Stone! 
But he is also the landlord of our local pub, which is called 'The Star Inn'. So - an apt title all round I think!

He had no idea I even took the photo, let alone painted him - so, I thought it only right that he should have it :0)

Here it is framed...

As you can see, once again there are only subtle changes from the last stage. (Scroll down for stages one and two) I have simply added the wisps of smoke, twirling from his cigarette, I've warmed up some areas and added some cooler shadows in others.
I also adjusted his jawline as it wasn't quite right before.
Anyway - I think it has remained 'edgy' as I had planned, so I'm quite happy to leave it right here before I do too much and spoil it!

He is on holiday until Friday so I can't give it to him until then. Humph! 
I really hope he likes it :0)

In other news:

It seems that our son Charlie was feeling creative himself the other day.
He shut himself in the kitchen for quite sometime before walking back in to the lounge, proudly holding a swan which he had carved from an apple!

Of course I had to take a photo of his masterpiece...

Isn't it great? 

                                                                    ...Um.... Uh-oh!!

 Oh dear... It seems that the vacuum cleaner was also very impressed!

  Oh SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Sandra, I really think that you did another masterpiece! A great portrait! Bravissima!!! Hug.

  2. It looks brilliant. Of course I don't know what he looks like in real life but i suspect he looks exactly like this! That'll be you having free drinks for life after you give him this!
    Charlie's Apple Swan was brilliant but how funny sherlock ate it-i love the photos catching him in the act!

  3. it looks brilliant and framed it looks simply incredible... it will be loved for sure... and Sherlock scoffing the apple made me laugh... we just gave Mushu some pooping candy which was hilarious to watch... he kind of loved it though and wanted more so the laugh was on us I suppose...xx

  4. Oh yes.. The title and the painting, both are perfect.. The last touches really did bring up the work beautifully.
    Btw this time I am not impressed with the vacuum cleaner.... That swan was so beautiful..

  5. What an incredible portrait you've done Sandra!! it's very dramatic and very cool!! i'm sure he'll love it and he does resemble a stone for sure. i love that it's got that edgy feel, beautifully done my friend!

    and the apple swan!!!! Oh my, your son is so gifted!!! it's lovely. and see how much sherlock enjoyed it!!! wonderful post!!!

  6. sure he will love it ... you must be pleased with this one sandra ...hope to see more portraits ...great work

  7. It is fantastic, the frame really makes it. He will love it for sure. Free drinks all round I say!! How clever is Charlie, he did a fabulous job on the apple...a chef in the making???? What a naughty doggy you have but he does have good taste.
    I am sooooo happy you got rid of that Google+, it was easy to get to you today :)

  8. Your "rock star" is perfect, Sandra! The painting is so beautifully understated - fabulous. He'll love it!
    As for the Hoover ... :) Sherlock strikes again!
    Kathryn XX

  9. I'm sure he will love it! It's fabulous and such a good title. And for Sherlock...... :)

  10. The rock star at the star is bound to love his portrait. Don't forget to get a photo of it hung in the bar :)

  11. SO FUNNY, Sandra!!! You have to love Sherlock!!!
    This painting is absolutely gorgeous and he's going to love it!!! I love your portrait work and hope to see more and more!!!

  12. The pub landlord is one lucky man... beautiful!. I'd say you will be receiving free adult beverages for life! Your son is quite the sculptor;too funny that the dog thought so too. Peace

  13. Good work, framed is much better...and Sherlock is very funny! Arianna

  14. Wow. How old is your son? Because that is one impressive swan! And your portrait turned out fantastic! Very strong - love the subdued palette, and yes, I think you kept the edge. Very generous of you to gift it. Perhaps you could trade the value for drinks at his pub? : ))

  15. Fabulous portrait - it has a real Art Deco feel to it. I bet the original 'Star' will love it!
    and what a creative son - and really, Sherlock appreciated it ;)


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