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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Completed Portrait... 'The Star'

And the reason for the title? Well, there's no question he has a 'rock star' look about him, right? 
He reminds me a little of a Rolling Stone! 
But he is also the landlord of our local pub, which is called 'The Star Inn'. So - an apt title all round I think!

He had no idea I even took the photo, let alone painted him - so, I thought it only right that he should have it :0)

Here it is framed...

As you can see, once again there are only subtle changes from the last stage. (Scroll down for stages one and two) I have simply added the wisps of smoke, twirling from his cigarette, I've warmed up some areas and added some cooler shadows in others.
I also adjusted his jawline as it wasn't quite right before.
Anyway - I think it has remained 'edgy' as I had planned, so I'm quite happy to leave it right here before I do too much and spoil it!

He is on holiday until Friday so I can't give it to him until then. Humph! 
I really hope he likes it :0)

In other news:

It seems that our son Charlie was feeling creative himself the other day.
He shut himself in the kitchen for quite sometime before walking back in to the lounge, proudly holding a swan which he had carved from an apple!

Of course I had to take a photo of his masterpiece...

Isn't it great? 

                                                                    ...Um.... Uh-oh!!

 Oh dear... It seems that the vacuum cleaner was also very impressed!

  Oh SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

WIP, Stage 2...

Okay, so following on from my previous post, which shows the first stage of this portrait - 
As promised, here is stage two...

The difference is subtle, but he has begun to look more three dimensional, don't you think?

I was actually tempted to leave it here. I like the sepia look - like an old photo almost.... 
It needs very little really, at least if I'm to maintain it's 'edgy' feel. 
So far so good!

In other news:

Don't you just LOVE receiving a parcel in the post?
Even when I have a pretty good idea of what is inside, there is something about opening a box that makes me feel like a kid again :0)

Last week I was excited to receive TWO things in the post that weren't bills!

Ooh... I wonder what these could be...

...Yay! It's my new sketch pad that I have been dying to try out...

And a hand made post card from my lovely Swedish friend Kay...

Isn't it gorgeous?

Kay makes all sorts of beautiful art work, usually in her journal. 
You can find her blog here, if you'd like to see more of it :0)
Thank you Kay!!

Anyway, the next post will be the completed portrait, so don't go away! ;0)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WIP... Stage one...

Oh, how nice it is to be back in the Art Studio!
And now the first series of eight bears is complete, it's quite the novelty being able to just paint whatever I fancy for a change!

On Saturday, I found myself drumming my fingers on my art desk, wondering what to paint. 
I had bought with me some rather lovely Christmas Baubles that were a possibility - but I just don't feel quite festive enough yet!

So, I browsed the 'possible paintings' folder on my iPad and came across a photo I had taken a few months ago. 
You know when you see a moment that just begs to be painted? Well it was one of those moments! This man is such a character and he looks quite the rock star in the photo! 

Anyway, I thought I would share the portrait with you in stages over the next week or so... (Oo-er... let's hope it turns out okay then!)
This is layer one, where I have established the basic structure of his face along with a pattern of lights and darks...

...Though he is a really colourful character, I am going to keep this as a relatively monochrome painting because I think it will compliment the style quite nicely. But regardless of colour, there are still a couple more layers to go yet. 

In the next layer, most of the sharp edges will disappear and the whole thing will become richer in depth... 
So, watch this space! 

It's going to be so nice to be blogging regularly again! 
I have missed it :0)


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