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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Calm before the Storm...

Hello my friends! It has been way too long! 
But I have been busy using every bit of my spare time over the last few weeks with the printers, getting all eight of my first series of bears to their final approved versions, just in time for Christmas!
Meanwhile, I hope you will 'bear' with me as I post rather ordinary drawings while my time is so limited...

Lately I have had no time to paint at all, but there is no excuse not to draw and on Sunday came the perfect opportunity :0)

It was an extremely blustery morning and we knew there was a storm due to hit us that night. But regardless of this, the Hub and I braved the weather and took the vacuum out for a walk, each with a steaming cup of tea in a thermal mug. 

We found ourselves caught in tropical rain fall at one point; wind taking our breath away... leaves and acorns smacking us in the face... hair whipping at our eyeballs... aah, it was all quite romantic really :0)

Once we were home, as the wind howled outside I sat at the kitchen table drawing as Sherlock lay on my feet. Meanwhile, the Hub was cooking a lovely Sunday roast which was wafting wonderful cooking smells in to the room...  
Mmmm...! What could be better?

Anyway, this is what I drew...


...Nothing special, more of an exercise in observation really...

Basic shapes first.


Adding darks.

Adding final touches...

...Drawing like this means no pressure, just plain therapeutic fun :0)
And sometimes it's nice not to have to wear overalls to do something arty! No messy paints... just a simple object, a few drawing tools and some paper. How refreshing!

Later as the wind grew more intense, we sat by the log fire with a glass of wine... I love Sundays like that! Needless to say we had a very noisy night. So noisy in fact, that we got up for a cup of tea at 2am!

We were quite lucky really. We lost a fair bit of our back fence and the electric gates had snapped. Nothing major -  though 100 trees in our area had come down... thankfully not on our heads - or on my Art studio!!!!


  1. Hi Sandra, well your nothing special vase is very special and amazing. Wish I could draw glass like you do. Glad you are ok. We had some wind but nothing major, thank goodness.

  2. Nothing ordinare about this vase. It is sparkling and just lovely!!!

  3. gorgeoous!!! Oh my so Gorgeous!!! hugs to you and Sherlock,love,Diana

  4. Lovely drawing Sandra.
    Glad all was well following your "romantic stroll" and the full storm.

  5. It´s true, it.s "only" an exercise of observation, it would be I don´t know how to observe better.

    Great work!

  6. Nothing special, she says. It is gorgeous! I'm glad you survived the storm ok.

  7. Thank you so much everyone :0) I hope everyone continues to get my emails personally thanking them - But Sergio, I can't find yours anywhere, so I have come here to say a big thank you for your kind comment :0)

  8. I heard about the storm on the news! Glad you're okay. Sounds like a perfect day actually ; ) I love that you both woke up and had some tea! ; ) Anyway, this drawing is definitely something special. It's gorgeous! Perfect in every way Sandra. I love it. Stay cosy!

  9. Oh my goodness, if that drawing is nothing special, I'd love to see something you were proud of. Your vase is stunning. I brought the photos up big and I've studied how you do it, thanks so much for putting up the stages. How do you get the white dots? Is it rubbed out or coloured on? So glad you were okay in the storm, although you had some damage. We saw it on our news and it looked terrible. Lucky you for getting a hubby who can cook :)
    Have a great day,

  10. Hi Sandra, your vase is absolutely superb, I do not think it can be drawn better than so. Great work! Ciao.

  11. Hi Sandra,
    Other than the storm, it sounds like a perfect Sunday! I am glad to read that you had no major [ie. roofs coming down on your head] damage. You drawing is a beauty, too!!!
    Kathryn XX

  12. This is so beautiful, Sandra. I can't imagine how you make glass look so realistic!!! Excellent work!!! and I'm SO glad
    you're okay after that storm!! I still panic when the weather forecast calls for rain!!!

  13. Nothing special! Who are you kidding - that drawing is superb. I particularly like the way you've captured the light in the vase and the reflections. Bravo!

  14. great observation ... superb dwg ...glad you didn't get too much damage ... good luck with your bear dead line

  15. Bonjour chère amie,

    Il est bon de partager un moment de votre vie avec cette jolie publication...
    Il est bon effectivement de juste dessiner et laisser aller le crayon sur le papier. Un excellent exercice pour délier le poignet et vider l'esprit...
    Un très joli dessin.
    L'atmosphère parfois aide aussi à ce genre d'activité...
    Toutefois je suis heureuse d'apprendre que cette tempête n'ait pas fait trop de dégâts... les vents violents de novembre hurlent parfois très fort.
    Un gros bisou à vous et des caresses à votre ami à quatre pattes.
    Icarus ne me laisse pas encore beaucoup de liberté à l'atelier ! Il accapare mon temps, il aime tant les promenades !...


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