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Monday, 30 September 2013

'Canine Vacuum Extrordinaire!'...

...A rather perfect description of my furry friend, don't you think? And I thought it up all by myself :0)
It wasn't  Kathryn Ragan that came up with it at all - cough, cough!!

Pah!  I am a useless liar! Okay, okay, so Kathryn came up with that and I STOLE it! I am a word thief! Mind you it's just as well, because some my own descriptions of Sherlock are quite frankly entirely unsuitable to write in a blog post! 

Anyway - rather than complain about the fact that the 'Canine Vacuum Extrordinaire' has been keeping me from the art studio while he has a bad leg - it seems that Sherlock has now become my furry model instead! 

And following my more comical sketch last week, this one is a little more developed and  looks just like the little dude :0)

Here he is, chilling out on the... um... yyyes - that'll be the coffee table...

.....Okay - so we really need to establish the rules on where exactly is acceptable for him to sit!

Anyway - there is a difference between 'finishing' a drawing and 'completing' one. 
In this case I had completed it at the point of just Sherlock and the coffee table. 
Once I stupidly began adding unnecessary detail like curtains, unfortunately, it was then finished!

My advise to anyone is to NEVER draw while chatting on the phone. For some odd reason during a conversation that went on a while, I found myself picking up my pencil and doodling some background on to what I had actually considered a completed drawing. Silly mistake and one to remember!

Ah well, it was never meant to be a serious portrait thankfully!

Anyway - here's how he developed...


Anyone new to my blog needs to scroll down some way to realise that my usual furry friends are bears and I'm not just about the dog! 

But for now, Sherlock is becoming rather famous, which might explain why his head is getting larger by the day!


  1. What a lovely are as talented with pencil as you are with oils! I laughed at his location-the coffee table, how funny!

  2. He's gorgeous and your painting is gorgeous. I too laughed at the coffee table pose. I'm so glad you are drawing him. He's delightful!!! No Sadie is not trained like she should be. I got mad at her this morning she went away from me into the woods instead of coming to me.. I had so much I wanted to do inside not doggie related.. oh well. Hugs for you and Hugs for Sherlock, love to you,Diana

  3. He is one very cute puppy. You are so going to regret letting him on the coffee table... boundaries girl boundaries! Your play with light and dark has me drooling every time... :)

  4. Oh wish I'd seen this before we chatted... Sitting on the table oops even my monster aka my puppy Degas doesn't do that... yet :P This is a beautiful portrait of him with such an expressive face.

    Hope it's good news next week.

  5. Really awesome work. In this one he looks all grown up and sober. :)

  6. His expression is unforgettable! And its fascinating to see your process!

  7. A very nice vacuum :D Arianna

  8. the coffee table... he is bigger than it... he is growing so quickly... and is adorable for a vacuum... and you draw so beautifully... your tonal work is just superb for a marmite lover... xx

  9. Hi Sandra, what a lovely portrait of Sherlock. I like his attentive expression, is truly amazing. Have a good week end!

  10. Oops, my earlier comment was whisked away before I had a chance to finish it! I was saying that I love the velvety marks you've created here. It's the Sandra Busby touch, whether the medium is pencil or oil paint!

  11. Ma chère amie bonjour,

    Je suis ravie de tomber sur ce merveilleux dessin de votre ami à quatre pattes !
    Hier j'ai eu du mal à tenir tranquille longtemps Icarus mon dalmatien à l'atelier. Il voulait tout voir, tout explorer...
    je ne parvenais pas vraiment à me concentrer pour peindre ! Il ne comprenait pas pourquoi nous n'allions pas en promenade. Il pleuvait !
    Quel âge a maintenant Sherlock ?
    J'aime beaucoup ce dessin de lui... Une très belle capture. Bravo!
    Gros bisous et des caresses à votre beau toutou

  12. You can almost feel the softness in Sherlock's fur...You did an amazing job with this portrait. He's ADORABLE and looks like such a good boy! (for the moment?..LOL) I look forward to seeing your next piece!!!

  13. you captured him perfectly. you have a true talent. There is no way I could do this. Love the little bears waiting for repair.

  14. Ah, you are so good at sketching Sandra. Your dog drawings are delicious!

  15. Hey Sandra,
    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my blog! I just facebook friended you. I posted a vine video of my latest cafe drawing which you might like. is a wacky app where you can make 7 sec. stop motion videos. Super fun.
    Happy Drawing,

  16. Lovely Sandra. And who cares about the coffee table?:)

  17. Forget it Sandra, He has your number and you are his slave. !!!! LOL !
    and yes, that's how it should be. BJ

  18. this is so amazing Sandra!!! a beautiful post and incredible drawing!!! and yes, they are such a handful but so worth it in the long run. hang in and good luck.


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