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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bits and bobs...

Since posting bear number 7, 'Art', I've been very busy with bear number 8, which I have a deadline to complete. 
But I thought it was high time I posted on my blog to let you know that I'm still actually here and I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet!! :0)

Anyway, since I have nothing new to share right now, I thought I'd post a few odd bits and bobs I've been doing...

So, just as you thought it was safe to pop over to my blog - here is that PEAR again!!
But I wanted to show it to you all framed and next to the apple :0)

...Makes a nice pear pair, don't you think?

And I also decided it was high time I got some sketches mounted, wrapped and ready to put up for sale, since I hadn't got around to it yet. (It's the postage that throws me!)

Anyway - remember these..?

And this..?

And how about a little Bumble Bee for good measure...

My next  goal is to set up an online store. But meanwhile the main reason for getting my bum in to gear was because I was due to do an open air summer fate and my daughter had persuaded me to have my own art stall :0)

I agreed to do it as long as Mum would come along and help - I'm such a wimp!. But after all, for me it would feel equally as exposing as standing naked in the middle of the street!!

Anyway, she agreed and I took some photo's of my stall as we began to set it up...

I had an area for sketches...

...and an area for glass paintings...

Then it was time to think about setting up an area for my bear prints, which would be a challenge...

But before we had even finished setting up and within ten minutes of the event opening, it suddenly went dark and the heavens opened! Yes - out of nowhere came nothing short of a tropical rain storm - complete with thunder and lightning, fresh from an American horror film!!!

So, no sooner had we got the stall even to this stage, it was all being loaded back in to Mums car!!!

But - I did sell a greetings card! Haha!
And the following day someone contacted me to buy my 'Hot Voddy' painting, which they hadn't had a chance to buy, so it wasn't a complete waste of time! :0)

Anyway - all the spare time I have at the moment, which isn't much, is going on bear 8. So I am still painting, honest!!

I hope you enjoyed my little catch up in the mean time :0)

Back soon!


  1. Aw, it was such a shame that your stall got rained off - still, it sounds like you would've done very well if you'd managed to stay put - that's great someone contacted you afterwards to purchase the hot voddy painting - congrats!!

  2. What a shame it rained. Good for you for trying to sell like this.

    If it's any consolation, I only sold cards when I tried a stall last year and haven't had any feedback from all the cards taken either :(

  3. Rain! what a nuisance! Glad you sold something though - and looking forward to your online store!

  4. Sandra, your oils look fabulous framed! And the drawings look lovely mounted - LOVE the bee!
    About the fair ... My aunt always comes along with me, too. :) I'm not a big fan of them, as far as selling art goes, but that was before I started printing cards. It might be a bit more productive then.
    I'd love to hear more about the online store.
    Kathryn XX

  5. The paintings and sketches look wonderful! Sorry for the rain. But congrats you made a sale! Looking forward to your online store!

  6. Sandra it looks wonderful. Your work is gorgeous!! I'm so sorry about the rain. You will do beautifully in whatever you do. Please tell me how dear Sherwood is.. love and hugs, Diana

  7. I never get tired of seeing your pear and apple in the wine glass!!!! FANTASTIC work! Actually, I hope you do more of them. The rain was definitely a bummer! but at least you made a sale....

  8. I loved this post. That woody guy showing us all the paintings is so adorable. :)
    Congrats on the sale.

  9. It looked amazing all set up before the heavens opened... and love the use of the wooden man... I have one that I have had since uni... scary how old he is...xx

  10. Nice composition Sandra. Congratulations.
    Hugs from Barcelona

  11. Is that busy bee painting one of yourself!!? You sound as busy as me. I'm amazed to see I didn't comment on your last post, sorry, but I knew I had!!

    Love your 'galleries' and you're right, it was about time you framed the lovely sketches.

    Hope the fete went well ...always dodgy exhibiting in the open air. I have one at a heritage centre on Monday

  12. Wow! thank you for sharing the framing and matting of your incredible work! they all look wonderful. and congratulations on the sales!! what a shame it rained. but how wonderful you sold a painting and cards in such a short time. think what will happen when the sun stays out! incredible work my friend, it's always such a treat to visit your blog!

  13. Hello Sandra,
    I also have not had much time to produce. but let's pushing the boat ... I liked the idea of the tent. A hug and wishes that you hit once again in the realization of the Bear.

  14. Hi, Sandra, I had to laugh when reading about your weather woes as I have had a very similar experience!
    And the framed sketches are lovely - I adore that bee!

  15. At least you had a dry house to go to! I helped pack your stuff, got soaked and went back to my tent!!!!!

  16. I understand your torment with the stall. My one and only time, I set everything up and we had gale force winds. It destroyed my shade tent and everything blew around. I only sold a couple of cards too. Your paintings are fabulous and the glasses are incredible.

  17. Just popped over from Tracey's blog. Love your work, just gorgeous. I like your assistant too, very cute and helpful. I'm going to have words with the one that stands around posing on my desk. Sorry to hear the stall didn't go to well . I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago at a local boot sale. The morning started well then thunder lighting and torrential rain. Has put me off ever since. I'm now a new fan...:)

  18. What a pity about the rain, but so great about the sold painting! It all looks marvelous, and I love the little figure presenting the paintings! I've been thinking about opening an online shop too, but don't really know yet how and where. Looking forward to seeing bear no.8!

  19. so unlucky it rained ... hop you get another opportunity to show your work ... good luck with your on-line store ....glad you managed to sale one painting sandra .

  20. Sandra I'm so glad you haven't fallen off the planet - despite your awful pear pun ;) and what a great shame that rain stopped play on your lovely art stall. I'd love to have seen it in person. I was going to say you'll have to give it another try but after todays weather I fear you'll not get another decent opportunity until next summer :( !! But never mind, that all makes the online shop sound an even better idea - I hope it gets of the ground very soon and is the huge success your work so richly deserves. Have a great week Jerry

  21. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! What great shots. I love seeing your older pieces, as well as your awesome bears!!! Sorry it rained but congratulations on the sale! You inspire me!


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