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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bits and bobs...

Since posting bear number 7, 'Art', I've been very busy with bear number 8, which I have a deadline to complete. 
But I thought it was high time I posted on my blog to let you know that I'm still actually here and I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet!! :0)

Anyway, since I have nothing new to share right now, I thought I'd post a few odd bits and bobs I've been doing...

So, just as you thought it was safe to pop over to my blog - here is that PEAR again!!
But I wanted to show it to you all framed and next to the apple :0)

...Makes a nice pear pair, don't you think?

And I also decided it was high time I got some sketches mounted, wrapped and ready to put up for sale, since I hadn't got around to it yet. (It's the postage that throws me!)

Anyway - remember these..?

And this..?

And how about a little Bumble Bee for good measure...

My next  goal is to set up an online store. But meanwhile the main reason for getting my bum in to gear was because I was due to do an open air summer fate and my daughter had persuaded me to have my own art stall :0)

I agreed to do it as long as Mum would come along and help - I'm such a wimp!. But after all, for me it would feel equally as exposing as standing naked in the middle of the street!!

Anyway, she agreed and I took some photo's of my stall as we began to set it up...

I had an area for sketches...

...and an area for glass paintings...

Then it was time to think about setting up an area for my bear prints, which would be a challenge...

But before we had even finished setting up and within ten minutes of the event opening, it suddenly went dark and the heavens opened! Yes - out of nowhere came nothing short of a tropical rain storm - complete with thunder and lightning, fresh from an American horror film!!!

So, no sooner had we got the stall even to this stage, it was all being loaded back in to Mums car!!!

But - I did sell a greetings card! Haha!
And the following day someone contacted me to buy my 'Hot Voddy' painting, which they hadn't had a chance to buy, so it wasn't a complete waste of time! :0)

Anyway - all the spare time I have at the moment, which isn't much, is going on bear 8. So I am still painting, honest!!

I hope you enjoyed my little catch up in the mean time :0)

Back soon!


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