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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

This is 'Art'...

...And by 'This is Art', I mean as in short for 'Arthur' - I don't mean it in any conceited kind of a way ;0)

'Art, Short for Arthur'  20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Board 

Arthur, proved an absolute nightmare to photograph - My iPad camera just didn't pick out the detail or clarity of the painting, which is so frustrating!

Anyway - as often seems to happen, bears find their way to me with no name. I think it's quite sad to have no name, don't you? So the first thing I have to do, is give them one :0)
'Art' seemed the obvious choice for this little fellow, not least because it's a cute name for a cute bear, but also because of the theme of his painting - wouldn't you agree?


Okay - so he has a label saying 'Poor little old Ted' - but I think that in this case, 'Ted' is short for teddy and it's not meant to be his name.

Besides, I have already painted 'Ted's Bear' and 'Big Ted on Beethoven'

Not all bears can be named Ted! They want a unique name just as we do ;0)
So, 'Art', short for 'Arthur' it is :0)

Anyway, since completing 'Art', I have already begun bear number 8, who just happens to have a very interesting story behind him...
In fact - not only have I composed him, completed my full sized tonal sketch, toned my canvas and transferred my lines - but I have also completed both layers of my under-painting!

So - as much as it might seem like I haven't been in my studio much recently, I really have and much more so than usual - but the frustrating thing is, that I'm not allowed to share any of it with you just yet - so I can't even show you my sketch and under-painting! 

It's a long story and I promise that the moment I am able to share it with you, I will :0)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed 'Art' :0)

Back again soon!! :0)


  1. Extraordinaire!!
    Bravo Sandra :)

  2. Well, I think ART is the perfect name for this bear..
    It's also the kind of work I've come to expect of you.

  3. "ART" is the perfect name for him - short, to the point. He looks like quite the determined little stoic to me. :)
    And your story of Bear#8 has me on tenterhooks!!! What suspense you've built! Love it!

  4. ART it is!!!! Wow! What a painting, Sandra! It's so amazing, that I keep on going to the zoomed part of it..the books are fantastic with the writings on it!!! and the TUBES OF PAINT!!!
    and of course, ART! Congratulations on a beautiful piece!!

  5. Art is gorgeous! He's a sweet wee bear and I really love the subject matter of this piece. I'm very glad to see you back blogging again although by the sounds of it you've been really busy behind the scenes on your next piece. You've got me very intrigued as to the story behind the next bear as well!

  6. Art is the perfect name for him! What a great painting, Sandra! The gold lettering on the books is fabulous!

  7. Art is sooooooo wonderful Sandra!!!! :D I love the overall feeling of this piece. With each bear piece you seem to evoke more and more nostalgia and a feeling of peace and reflection and I adore that so much> What a wonderful story to get caught up in. I could spend hours looking around at this painting. :) I love it.

    And I love his name too. ;) Of course they can't all be ted's! Ridiculous Teddy Bear manufacturers.

    Also, I absolutely am in love with how you painted the frame on the glasses. That hint of shine and lost edges is divine.

  8. Art is absolutely lovely Sandra! And the name really suits him. I'm in awe of the quality of your work yet again. x

  9. Art or Tra whatever you call it really does not matter. I am so in love with this piece. I think this is my favorite in the series till now. Just cant get enough. Still smiling from ear to ear and shaking my head.. You are amazing..

  10. your Art is gorgeous. Sandra. so beautiful. Hope Sherlock's leg is better soon. Give him a hug for me. love to you,Diana

  11. Hello Sandra,
    Very beautiful painting!
    A big hug

  12. "Art" is art ...wonderful sandra i do admire they way you are working on the bear series ... look forward to hearing your good news .. ps welldone on selling your red pepper and glass

  13. Well, well, well! Art was certainly worth the wait! This is a truly masterful piece, Sandra - just perfect and I love it! Bravo!

  14. Hi Sandra,
    Well, this is wonderful! Another great painting. My favourite part? Those books! That middle one with the crack in the leather is killin' me! It's perfect. Your pieces are always worth the wait. Congratulations on another beauty : )

  15. Hi Sandra, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  16. Hello Sandra:) I enjoyed looking at all the details in your beautiful painting. I love the name and also love the beautiful colors. This really is ART :)

  17. WOW!! Art is indeed a treasure! in fact, the detail snaps could be paintings on their own!! every detail is lovingly completed with such skill, it's so obvious you love what you do. those books make me crazy, i can't stop looking at them. your work inspired me to paint in layers and i am very happy with the outcome. i'm enjoying the whole as well as each detail, so beautifully done! Congratulations on another incredible bear!

    and so looking forward to not only seeing the next but hearing that story!!!

  18. Love the single details of this painting, Sandra! So beautiful!

  19. Hi Sandra, "Art"....what a perfect name for this delightful little bear! Another masterpiece is added to the series. Ciao!!

  20. Sandra, your blog and art works are amazing. Absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing

  21. Hi Aga
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment! You come up as a 'no reply' blogger, so I couldn't find an email address to reply to, so I hope you see this message!
    Thanks again :0)

  22. What patience to paint the letters on the books! Very very good! Arianna

  23. the details on those books and the lettering is completely doing my head in... you are crazy talented my treasured marmite eating friend...xx

  24. Your painting of 'Art' is so amazing. All the tones, colours, lighting and all the details are incredible. And you have now teased us all with the mystery bear - can't wait to eventually see it when you are able. Hope you have a lovely week Sandra.

    1. Hi Jerry. You come up as a no reply blogger, so I have been unable to reply to you personally by email as I normally would. Thank you so much for your very kind words about 'Art'. He was a joy to paint and it's lovely to get such nice feedback :0)

  25. Art is stunning! He has a knowing quality about him! Excellent work xx

  26. There are so many interesting things to look at in this piece, Sandra. You did a wonderful job! Your bear paintings are awesome!


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