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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Are you a 'no-reply' blogger?

Hello my bloggy friends!
I'd thought I'd share a sketch with you today - one I did yesterday  :0)


Just spreading the joy, lol!! ;0)

No wonder the poor girl is crying - she has clearly waxed her eyebrow off! 
So I thought I ought to add one...

There - that's better :0)

I LOVE doing sketches like this! I should do more of them - they are SO therapeutic!
Meanwhile, I have been plodding along with the latest bear and it is nearly done! It's just text and detail I need to add now. 
I love this part!!  :0)

Anyway - before I go, recently a couple of fellow bloggers have mentioned that when they try to reply to my comments, I come up as a 'No Reply' blogger, making it difficult for them to respond directly if they choose.
This has been a problem for me since I linked my blog to Google +, but it can also be a problem even for those with a basic blogger profile.

I have found the same issue with several people who leave comments on my own work - In fact, more than half of the comments left for me come up as 'No Reply'.
If you are one of them, it means that if I reply on my blog roll, you won't be aware without re-visiting. So I generally seek out your email via other means and reply to comments that way. It's time consuming, but when someone takes the trouble to leave a comment, I always make it a priority to reply :0)

But there is a really simple solution to the problem, whether you have a basic blogger or a Google + profile and I found the answer to both, through a great website called 'Fluster Buster' (link below).
So, if you have the same issue and want to know how I solved it:
Click here for a quick, easy way to fix the problem.

If you have found this a help - please share it with your own followers.
I'm quite sure that, like me, most bloggers don't even realise that they are set as a 'No Reply'!


  1. Thanks a ton. Will try. The eyes are beautiful. Actually had read somewhere that crying makes your eyes beautiful !!!

  2. Beautiful eye, Sandra, sniff :) I'm glad you share this issue, I tried to explain the problem to some of my blogfriends in the past.

  3. Though i haven't had any problem with your blog [ only Linda Roth's and Carrie Waller's] I appreciate your post - thank you. And I LOVE our notes, back and forth across the "pond". :) The eye is beautifully done.

  4. Good to see you back blogging and I love tge eye-it's way more than a skeych, methinks! I did a post on this a while back-it's amazing how many folk are no-reply and aren't aware of it!

  5. I love your sketches. Here the eye has so much life in it (with or without the brows :)).

  6. Amazing sketch Sandra!! Just wonderful! also thank you for addressing the problem with finding you and leaving comments!! every time i try to get here i go to that Google+ list and can't get to your blog unless i go to the home page. i'll follow your instructions and get it sorted out, i want to be able to visit easily and get my Sandraws fix!

  7. Glad you kept and eye open for me ... no tears at my absence, Sandra. I'm trying to get my blogging-life back on an even keel, but real-life is keeping me fully occupied.

    Give Sherlock a pat from me.

  8. Fabulous sketch... though i sort of miss the pear... but then I scrolled down and there it was... I hope the finishing touches on your new bear have gone well... I get so nervous when i get near the end of more complex pieces... sure you have nailed it though... you are such a legend
    t xx

  9. What a fabulous sketch Sandra!!! And I love that you say it was quick, it looks so detailed and time consuming! Love it. :) And I've had the same problem with no reply, so if I reply it's typically on my blog, I know it's probably not the best way, but at least then I know everyone gets an answer whether they come back to read it or not. ;) Hope your happy with your new oil painting, it's probably all finished now and I can't wait to see it!

    I somehow missed this post of yours! I'm so sorry my friend, I've been behind on reading everybody's blogs. :(

  10. Much better with the brow on too.. :)
    Looking forward to seeing the bear!

  11. It's funny that you sketched an eye...I love to sketch eyes as well......this one is beautiful Sandra, and I'm SO looking forward to your bear!!! Now that I know its almost finished makes me even more curious!!! Hugs to Sherlock!

  12. Hi, Sandra - no problems replying today! Love the crying eye (with brow!) and can't wait to see the new bear painting!

  13. ....much more than a sketch sandra ....fantastic drawing ...thanks for info .

  14. Lovely eyes Sandra.

    I've unlinked my blog from G+ as there are too many issues, but thanks for the tip.

  15. Hello Sandra,
    beautiful eyes and sketches!
    A big hug

  16. Nice sketch, love the eyelashes.

  17. Testing to see if I am a no reply blogger!!!

  18. great work


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