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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

This is 'Art'...

...And by 'This is Art', I mean as in short for 'Arthur' - I don't mean it in any conceited kind of a way ;0)

'Art, Short for Arthur'  20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Board 

Arthur, proved an absolute nightmare to photograph - My iPad camera just didn't pick out the detail or clarity of the painting, which is so frustrating!

Anyway - as often seems to happen, bears find their way to me with no name. I think it's quite sad to have no name, don't you? So the first thing I have to do, is give them one :0)
'Art' seemed the obvious choice for this little fellow, not least because it's a cute name for a cute bear, but also because of the theme of his painting - wouldn't you agree?


Okay - so he has a label saying 'Poor little old Ted' - but I think that in this case, 'Ted' is short for teddy and it's not meant to be his name.

Besides, I have already painted 'Ted's Bear' and 'Big Ted on Beethoven'

Not all bears can be named Ted! They want a unique name just as we do ;0)
So, 'Art', short for 'Arthur' it is :0)

Anyway, since completing 'Art', I have already begun bear number 8, who just happens to have a very interesting story behind him...
In fact - not only have I composed him, completed my full sized tonal sketch, toned my canvas and transferred my lines - but I have also completed both layers of my under-painting!

So - as much as it might seem like I haven't been in my studio much recently, I really have and much more so than usual - but the frustrating thing is, that I'm not allowed to share any of it with you just yet - so I can't even show you my sketch and under-painting! 

It's a long story and I promise that the moment I am able to share it with you, I will :0)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed 'Art' :0)

Back again soon!! :0)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Are you a 'no-reply' blogger?

Hello my bloggy friends!
I'd thought I'd share a sketch with you today - one I did yesterday  :0)


Just spreading the joy, lol!! ;0)

No wonder the poor girl is crying - she has clearly waxed her eyebrow off! 
So I thought I ought to add one...

There - that's better :0)

I LOVE doing sketches like this! I should do more of them - they are SO therapeutic!
Meanwhile, I have been plodding along with the latest bear and it is nearly done! It's just text and detail I need to add now. 
I love this part!!  :0)

Anyway - before I go, recently a couple of fellow bloggers have mentioned that when they try to reply to my comments, I come up as a 'No Reply' blogger, making it difficult for them to respond directly if they choose.
This has been a problem for me since I linked my blog to Google +, but it can also be a problem even for those with a basic blogger profile.

I have found the same issue with several people who leave comments on my own work - In fact, more than half of the comments left for me come up as 'No Reply'.
If you are one of them, it means that if I reply on my blog roll, you won't be aware without re-visiting. So I generally seek out your email via other means and reply to comments that way. It's time consuming, but when someone takes the trouble to leave a comment, I always make it a priority to reply :0)

But there is a really simple solution to the problem, whether you have a basic blogger or a Google + profile and I found the answer to both, through a great website called 'Fluster Buster' (link below).
So, if you have the same issue and want to know how I solved it:
Click here for a quick, easy way to fix the problem.

If you have found this a help - please share it with your own followers.
I'm quite sure that, like me, most bloggers don't even realise that they are set as a 'No Reply'!


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