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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Yoo-hooooo... I'm ba-aack....

Remember me? That girl who used to post weekly on her blog...?
Well, I am back at last - even if it is with a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy piece of art!

A few days ago, my Sister-in-Law asked me to paint a badger in the corner of the house sign she had just had made...

 And why a badger...?

It only took about half an hour, but I really enjoyed it!

Meanwhile, I received this text from my own Sister, who had obviously just had another look at my blog to see if I had actually posted anything yet...

 ...So, I decided that even though the badger is only about 3" square, I would post it anyway!

I imagine you might have thought that I haven't been painting at all, but actually I have - even with the distraction of the new vacuum cleaner, AKA Sherlock!

You may remember I was finding being responsible for a new puppy and painting, quite the challenge! Well, something had to give - and I decided that for the sake of my sanity, I needed to take the pressure off and have a break from blogging. I needed to just paint when I could until things had settled in to a routine again.

Anyway, the vacuum cleaner is getting used to things now and I am finally able to paint a little more, without having to worry so much about what he is hoovering up!
I ought to be posting the finished pear, only it isn't quite finished yet - but nothing a few more brush strokes won't achieve. 

What I have actually been concentrating on is the new bear :0)
I have really been getting stuck in and so far, it has practically been painting its self!
I am really enjoying this one. I'd say I am around 2/3 of the way through it now. 
So you see, I could have done all sorts of emergency posts, but then I wouldn't have got any of the bear done at all!

Anyway - in case you haven't already been introduced to the new vacuum...

...By the way, the vacuum cleaner is the one on the right - the one on the left is now entirely redundant!


  1. OH MY GOSH Sandra!!! LOVE your vacuum!! and he has grown!!!! ADORABLE picture...and love your little badger...!

  2. Ciao Sandra, Sherlock è sempre più adorabile e le sue foto sono troppo divertenti. Molto bello il tuo piccolo "badger", il tasso è delizioso. Un abbraccio!

  3. Hello Sandra,
    lovely post!
    A big hug

  4. cute badger sign ... enjoy "vacuum" inbetween painting !

  5. Lovely badger! What are you feeding this dog, he is always sleeping in this odd position? :)

  6. Love the badger - he looks like a character from The Wind in the Willows. As for Sherlock [aka Hoover] however do you get the photos. I think he must have been a model in another life. :)

  7. oh Sandra, I do relate. I can't get anything done.. and Sadie just like Sherlock eats everything.. how or why I don't know.. so I"m constantly following her around trying to get whatever out before she swallows it.. ha ha.. Painting.. I'm still doing it but it seems it 's so hard to find the time. Today we go for more shots at the Vet.. so another afternoon shot.. beautiful work. kiss to Sherlock and hug for you, love,Diana

  8. PS.. love the photo!!! of Sherlock.. ha ha.. Love,Diana

  9. Welcome back! Your wee badger is gorgeous as is your wee vacuum cleaner! Glad your bear is going well and I'll look forward to seeing it finished. X

  10. Aww Sherlock is so cute! I just love the way he flops over on his back to sleep. Such a cute little guy. :D I so remember the hoover stage and I don't miss it a bit!! Glad you were able to get some painting done! And I do LOOOOOVE the little badger sign!! He is SO cute!!!! I just found a girl who does custom stall signs of people's horses that this reminds me of.

  11. only a sister could send a text like that... made me laugh to see it... and after you had painted the badger for her... bit cheeky... you should sneak in when she isn't looking and give it buck teeth... and sherlock sleeps exactly like Mushu and Sinus sleep... they both spread out on the bed like that and snore like trucks... drives me nuts as I try to lay claim to a tiny corner of the bed... sherlock is cuter though ... maybe it is the lack of snoring...xx

  12. How little Sherlock has grown!
    So glad you are painting a new bear - and can't wait to see it. The itsy bitsy badger is adorable!

  13. Bonjour ma chère amie !

    Ce petit blaireau est adorable et sage !! disons moins actif que nos "toutous" !! et nous nous comprenons...

    Icarus tout comme votre adorable labrador nous donne beaucoup de travail dans leur éducation mais il y a aussi de nombreux moments "plaisir"... et de longues promenades où notre esprit emmagasine des images qui resurgiront certainement dans nos peintures...

    Gros bisous à vous et des caresses à votre ami à 4 pattes.

  14. Sweet badger, but Sherlock is even cuter.

  15. Sandra, that is a stinkin' cute badger! Great work! And the text from your sister made me laugh : ) I look forward to seeing more on your bear! Also, I can't remember if I told you this but when I try to reply to your comments I get a "no reply blooger". Just wanted to let you know in case that was something you knew how to change ; ) And - fiddleheads are indeed a vegetable. Scrumptious! They are a tight little fern wound up. You steam them and add salt and butter and vòila!

  16. Cute badger! Looking forward to seeing the next bear xx


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