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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


So, here is that pear - which, by the way was a total nightmare to photograph and is a little brighter in reality than it appears here...

8" x 8" Oil on canvas panel
(click pear for a larger image)

I'm sure you remember the many layers of the apple and the olives
Well this time I omitted that, oh so time consuming monochrome or 'dead layer' to see if it would make any difference to the finished painting
Although the result isn't affected, I will say that by taking the extra time to do the monochrome layer, it does make painting the top layers a lot quicker and easier! So leaving it out didn't speed the process as much as I imagined it would.

Anyway, it makes a nice partner for the apple, which I have now had framed, ready to sell...

Framing a painting is rather like getting dressed, don't you think? 
If you do it well, it finishes it off quite nicely :0)

I've enjoyed painting fruit and I feel some more fruity paintings bubbling up in my head... Perhaps with some water droplets and maybe a few other things to add some interest...
Hmm... I'm feeling inspired!

Oh, before I go, for all of you fitness fanatics out there, my Brother-in-Law, Andy, has just started a fitness blog. You can see it here if your interested in following along or are in need of some fitness motivation! There is even a photo of me and Andy on our bike ride from John O'Groats to Lands End! 

I must have been completely bonkers!


  1. Love all the details in your pear! And your paintings always make me want to try out oils. Although it sounds rather complicated with all those different layers! But the results are just terrific. Photographing some paintings can be such a struggle. I never seem to get it right.

  2. Outstanding Sandra !! It glows!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Sandra! I love it so much, and I think this idea of fruit in martini glasses is so clever and fun. I like the distortion behind the glass. :D And I'm off to check out your BIL's blog!

  4. Sandra these are gorgeous!! They would look fabulous in someone's house as a series!!! Just love them!!

  5. Oooooo, stunning work my friend!!!

  6. Oh, my! Just gorgeous - and will look great next to the dressed up Appletini! What a delightful pair!

  7. Just fabulous! Love the frame of the apple too, a beautiful 'dress'!

  8. This one is a killer.. It is really so sophisticated and polished. This is Sandra at her best. :) And I know that bit about photographing an oil painting.. It just never works..

  9. the pear looks just as amazing as the apple regardless of leaving out the grey layer although it's funny that it actually slowed you down in the end up! the frame looks amazing - you're right it finishes it off perfectly.

  10. Bloody awesome was Matt's comment when I showed him... and for once he is right... although I probably would have said totally bloody awesome... this is fab... and the framing does make the appletini look even more amazing... can't wait to see this one framed...xx

  11. Frame does finish off/complement the apple well.

  12. This painting is FANTASTIC, Sandra! A perfect pear...perfect color...LOVE the dark background and the frame is definitely the icing to the cake!!!! Well done...!

  13. Gorgeous, love to you and Sherlock too,Diana

  14. They are beautiful Sandra. I think I see a slight different between the pear and the apple. Are the edges of the pear a bit sharper or is it just my imagination? The frame is very nice, a good choise!xx

  15. Awesome job! The pear looks great and I love the framed apple too! Nice work!

  16. Holy kamoly! You outdid yourself Sandra. I don't know how you have the patience, but thank goodness you do so you can continue to make such beautifully detailed, exquisite works of art! This is just spectacular!

  17. Ma chère amie bonjour,

    Je suis éblouie par ce travail titanesque et extraordinaire ! Tu es une tentatrice avec ces fruits !... Tu les mets en valeur... Ils sont de véritables bijoux sous l'effet de tes pinceaux. Une magicienne en quelque sorte.

    Bravo !
    Gros bisous à toi

  18. I just love this Peartini Sandra ... in fact the whole fruitini series is breathtaking. Brilliant work. ;-)

  19. Hello Sandra,
    very beautiful still life, wonderful!!!
    A big hug

  20. sandra will look excellent framed looks very good framed... sounds like you're pleased with the result of the monochrome underpainting


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