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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Work in progress - 'Emergency Pear'...

The main problem with painting, is that so little of the time needed goes on the 'actual painting' process itself! 
I find that MUCH more time goes in to planning and thinking of ideas etc. 
If only I had lots of set ups ready to paint - my life would be SO much easier!

So - while my time is still limited (what with the arrival of the new puppy), I decided that this time, an 'emergency pear' is the short term answer...

Besides, it'll go nicely with my apple, right?

Only this time, I've decided to cut out the mid layer. Click here if you need a reminder of what that is.

You might remember I couldn't quite decide what the point of that grey layer was - so this is my way of testing the method without it. So, from this point, I will go in directly with my colours and see if the result is any different.

Anyway -  time for a Sherlock update :0)
We took him for his very first walk on Sunday. He was so good! We let him straight off the lead and he stayed right by us the whole time! 

He is so well behaved that surely it's too good to be true? 
I'm waiting for the rude awakening, lol!


  1. NOT the emergency pear!!! [kidding]
    It's off to a good start. I'm curious, too, to see if not doing the grey glaze makes a difference.
    Maybe it's St. Sherlock???

  2. Sandra,
    I guess its true for most artists that the planning time is more than actual painting time. Especially watercolor artists like me. Anyway the pear martini looks just as good as your apple martini. I am sure it will be a treat when its done.

  3. I love all these fruit in martini glass paintings - surely a banana must be on the cards or perhaps a kiwi - all those seeds would be great!!

    Sherlock is just a wee dote - look at that little face looking obediently and adoringly up!

  4. I think the emergency pear is a great solution and it will look fab next to the apple... but have to say i have the opposite problem of too many ideas and not enough time... maybe my mind isn't as good at editing as your is... as to the grey glaze... the only reason i can think is that it is a good tonal scale... I often use black and white images to endure I have the tone correct.... but only if one is giving me trouble... will be interested to see it progress...xx

  5. great start and a true buddy for the apple! and sherlock gets more adorable by the day! hope all is well and he's being a good little boy!

  6. So happy to be able to comment on your blog again, Sandra - I have been looking at your recent work but could not comment for some unknown reason. Looking forward to seeing this emergency pear emerge - and what a beautiful little puppy you have!

  7. Beautiful emergency painting!
    A hug

  8. I wonder what the next stage will bring forth... possibly a reflection of Sherlock in the glass!

    Great puppy! He looks like our Mitzi (long gone, bless her). You never saw her without her eye make-up on. We nicknamed her Houdini ... a bit of an explorer!

  9. The emergency pear is looking good.
    Sherlock is a handsome boy - and I'm sure he'll stay good with your love and guidance x

  10. Haha, emergency pear! :) It will look great together with the apple! Sherlock is so sweet!

  11. Curious to see if the missing layer will affect the outcome.

  12. I love the pear! Awesome. And I must say, I'm in love with that sweet Sherlock!

  13. emergency series looking good sandra ... sherlock looks like he will be a good model sitting there .

  14. This is going to be another amazing piece, Sandra..I love it already...Pears are such interesting subjects.. As far as Sherlock ..he is so adorable and definitely a keeper!

  15. Aww Sherlock is such a doll!! :) Hopefully when he hits his 'teenage' years that won't be your rude awakening. ;) And I love the look of this pear already! I think it would be neat to have some with just the underpainting. But I'm also really interested to know how you like it without that grey layer.

  16. I know it was only an 'emergency' idea but I think these fruits in Martini glasses are going to make a great series. Lemon, Orange, Lime .... I can see them all now.
    Sherlock is a star!!

  17. It a wonderful emergency pear! this series is a good idea! I think you have already seen that also I am painting a series of little daily paintings for time issues... ;) so you can make art also with this adorable Sherlock! I love him! ;)

  18. beautiful work and how is our dear little Sherlock, sending you both,Diana

  19. Bonjour ma chère amie,
    Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver et de pouvoir à nouveau admirer votre travail... Un très merveilleux travail ! Je comprends ce que vous voulez dire en ce qui concerne le temps court lorsqu'on doit faire l'éducation d'un petit chiot ! qui absorbe toute votre attention et votre patience !... Depuis mon retour dimanche, je viens d'adopter un bébé dalmatien. Il est né le 12 mars. Déjà que je suis partie souvent oh la la!! je vais devoir embaucher quelqu'un! je ne m'en sors plus!!! le jardin etc....
    Mais ne désespérons pas nous y arriverons, n'est-ce pas ?!... Continuez à nous enchanter avec vos belles peintures.
    Gros bisous


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