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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Work in progress - 'Emergency Pear'...

The main problem with painting, is that so little of the time needed goes on the 'actual painting' process itself! 
I find that MUCH more time goes in to planning and thinking of ideas etc. 
If only I had lots of set ups ready to paint - my life would be SO much easier!

So - while my time is still limited (what with the arrival of the new puppy), I decided that this time, an 'emergency pear' is the short term answer...

Besides, it'll go nicely with my apple, right?

Only this time, I've decided to cut out the mid layer. Click here if you need a reminder of what that is.

You might remember I couldn't quite decide what the point of that grey layer was - so this is my way of testing the method without it. So, from this point, I will go in directly with my colours and see if the result is any different.

Anyway -  time for a Sherlock update :0)
We took him for his very first walk on Sunday. He was so good! We let him straight off the lead and he stayed right by us the whole time! 

He is so well behaved that surely it's too good to be true? 
I'm waiting for the rude awakening, lol!


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