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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Baby Drawing...

It seems that the arrival of our new baby has brought out my maternal instincts and although our baby is of the furry kind, I had the urge to sketch another squished up baby face :0)

Sherlock is taking up a lot of my spare time at the moment while I'm house training him - so sketching is about all I have time to do right now.

He's doing really well so far. At just 9 1/2 weeks old he knows 'sit', 'come here', he knows his name and he wees on command :0)

We need to work on the word 'drop' though. He is obsessed with picking things up in his mouth and yesterday I seemed to have my fingers permanently wedged in his mouth, trying to remove something he shouldn't be eating! And he doesn't seem in a hurry to learn that word at all, lol!

But it's hard to tell him off...

Just look at that little face........ Dawwwwww.... :0)

Oh - and I managed a very quick sketch of him as he lay by my feet the other day...

...I had to do this one fast because he kept wriggling :0)

Anyway - What's new with you?


  1. Bonjour ma chère Sandraws,
    Un grand merci déjà pour votre délicate attention et vos mots qui me touchent beaucoup...

    De très jolis dessins... j'aime la sérénité de ce beau bébé tout comme la présence de cette charmante boule de poils...
    Votre chiot est vraiment adorable et attendrissant. Mille caresses pour lui et un gros bisou à vous.

  2. Two fabulous sketches, Sandra.
    Sherlock is adorable, you're right to enjoy the puppy times while you can. Give him a hug from me!

  3. Love your sketches! Gosh I understand you can´t resist him when he looks at you with those poppy eyes! Enjoy the time with him, he grows fast!

  4. Gorgeous sketches. I'm going to get my sketch book out for our outside time. You have done a wonderful job training him. Wow.. We're so far behind. We ordered 2 books on Amazon. I keep hoping they will come in soon. Sadie did just bark at the door to go out and did her business out there. I felt amazed and so proud. Ha ha.. Like you it's hard to get painting time in with the training. They won't be little long though. He's adorable. love to you,Diana

  5. Aw... you captured it. I just loved staring at my babies. Especially when they were sleeping. Lovely sketch Sandra ; )

  6. Hello Sandra,
    Very beautiful baby and very beautiful dog!
    Congratulations and a big hug

  7. Hi Sandra. Your sketch of the baby sleeping, squished face and all, is wonderful!!! And kudos to you for getting one of the wiggler. :) He is so very huggable, even if he does try to eat everything - think that's a Labrador trait. :)

  8. Sandra your baby sketch is absolutely perfect! Such delicate round features. Not easy to do, especially with the distortion of the squishy face! You've done wonderful work here. And I love the sketch of Sherlock too. :) I remember that phase where they just want to chew on everything! ARGH so annoying!! But he sure is a cute little guy, I can see why you're so smitten.

  9. Sandra, this little baby has THE most perfect squishy 'asleep' mouth. By the way, I showed your blog to my daughter Anna because she has been painting reflections and bottles and glasses with candles... for her GCSE art. She found looking at your work very inspiring and helpful but... when she saw Sherlock she squeeked out the highest pitched aaawwwwww imaginable!!

  10. Lovely drawing, Sandra, how clever to interpret squish into aaahhhh.

    Sherlock is going to be a fantastic companion for you over the coming years. Hope he's paint proof!

  11. I love your squished baby faces, Sandra! Your sketches are beautiful....looks like Sherlock is home!!!

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