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Monday, 29 April 2013

Emergency Mouse!

Oh my poor blog! 
I have been neglecting it so much!

For those of you who don't know, we have a new puppy and this has meant my art has had to take a back seat for a bit - just while I need eyes in the front, back and sides of my head!

But I have been getting a twinge of withdrawal and so as I sat in the lounge on Saturday afternoon, while Sherlock was fast asleep, I sketched my 'emergency mouse', just so I had something to post :0)

It's funny, when ever I'm short of art to show, I always seem to draw a baby or a mouse. What's that about??

Anyway - at the weekend I did finally manage some time in the studio and began working on the new bear. 
I have pretty much finished the background - all but the shadows - and now comes the fun part; the fabric of the curtains. 
For some reason I'm really looking forward to conveying the folds and the way the light hits them :0)

You can expect some more 'emergency' posts for a while - but I hope you at least enjoy a change from glasses and bears :0)

Meanwhile, here is a photo I took of Sherlock sleeping the other day....

 ... Seriously - that pup has NO dignity!!


  1. I am so sorry to everyone who commented on this post - for some reason Google+ had taken over my comment roll which was really strange... anyway, by sorting that problem out, all of the comments left have been lost! I replied to everyone first though, so I hope you got them :0)

  2. The mouse is such a cutie! And your puppy aaaah ...

  3. I love your mice, this one is so cute! We all have our emergency subjects, I think, mine are apples. :)

  4. Oh, and I agree with Catharina: the pup is aaaaah.....

  5. oh i just love emergency mouse!! and i love that you do mice whenever your hankering to work and don't have time. the name is great.

    and oh my sherlock...what can one say, position is everything. the boys often sleep like that, little feet up in the air, their stuff out for all to see, snoring away. ssoooooo sweet! more!

  6. Ha ha.. He's adorable both the dear mouse and the dear puppy!! I do so love the title too. I know just what you mean!! love to you,Diana

  7. I love the adorable emergency mouse... I have a running war with a mouse who lives in our yard and keeps trying to move in doors... not anywhere near as cute as this little thing... and Sherlock is adorable... my mutt still sleeps like that and ends up with a sunburnt tummy come Summer... hopeless
    T xx

  8. Hi Sandra:) You sure that Sherlock was alive on that photo? You really got to tell him how to sleep on his belly! Your emergency mouse is lovely. It only needs a little blue flashing light on his head:) Take care!xx

  9. That little Sherlock is so dang cute!! WHat a little silly love bug. :) And as always I am just smitten with your mouse drawing it is fabulous my friend! I'd love to see you do a series of these quick drawings. They'd look so cool hanging all together!

  10. ha ha I'm just about to write a similar post, minus the mouse :)

  11. Hello Sandra,
    very beautiful emergency mouse!
    A big hug

  12. Love the emergency mouse! If only my name was Freud, I could answer what that's about - but its not! So all you get is I love it :)
    and Sherlock too :lol:

  13. Oh my, what a sweet little mouse! I bought a sketchbook with brown coloured paper similar to this last time I was in England, for exactly these kind of sketches. The white just has so much more effect on tinted paper. But I haven't actually dared to draw into it yet, I'm too afraid to mess it up. Your pup is just adorable!


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