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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bear 7 tonal sketch and some Puppy love...

You wouldn't believe how hard it has been to get a chance to sit down at my computer and write this post! My time has been slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate, ever since we went to Yorkshire to choose our Puppy a couple of weekends ago!

After that there was lots of preparation to do. 
Apart from shopping for bowls, toys, grooming stuff, a bed... you know - all the usual things - we also had to redecorate the back coat room which makes a perfect space for him to feel safe at night.

Of course you know how when you decorate even one tiny room, somehow the entire house is affected? And alarmingly, my nesting instinct kicked in, which is the strong urge to clean everything in sight! I only remember that happening twice before and both times I was pregnant!
Luckily, the cleaning Fairy showed up to help, in the form of my Mum - who was equally excited about the pending arrival  :0)

And of course then there was another trip to Yorkshire last Sunday, which is 5 hours each way to collect him. And once he'd arrived - well... I might as well have had another baby, lol!

So - I have literally not done anything 'arty' what so ever for about three weeks!!!

Anyway - before all of this, I had completed a full size tonal sketch of bear 7, which I can show you, while making the most of the Puppy snoozing at my feet!

Hmm... I need your opinion - With or without the curtain tassel? 
What do you think?


I honestly don't know whether to announce a bloggy holiday at this point, because  I have no idea how quickly I will be able to progress with this or anything else! All I do know is that I am getting twitchy to paint!

Hmm... maybe I should just say that my blog posts may be a little sporadic for a while... 

Anyway - here are a few photo's of little 'Sherlock'...


...How could I possibly not be distracted???


  1. Hi Sandra! Your latest Teddy Bear sketch is fabulous! I would say to leave the tassel in the painting, but mute it so it doesn't detract form the bear.
    As for Sherlock ... he is adorable puppy quintessence itself!!! What a sweetness!!!

  2. Love your sketch Sandra!! I know what you mean about the puppy being a baby. When we got our dog I had never had a puppy before and was amazed at how much time it takes. Sherlock is adorable:) Now you can empathize with Leslie Saeta when she has her pup acting up on air:)

  3. HI Sandra, I like the tassel. I'd leave it in. The fuzzy part will tie in with the bear. It's going to be another beautiful bear painting... and Sherlock is adorable. oh I can almost feel his softness, he's a sweet heart. I'm counting the hours til we get Sadie.. 4 hours to go.. yippee! love,Diana

  4. So much to say!!!! I LOVE Sherlock..he is such a precious little puppy.! I love the last picture of him with that gorgeous little nose! The best of luck with him Sandra!!!! I just
    adopted a rescue dog who is 2 years old...she was a stray from California and found herself in New York..LOL ! She's adorable..15 lbs. Italian Greyhound/chihuahua mix...
    ANYWAY, I definitely think you should leave the tassel...I can see its going to be one of your
    best....!! I also understand about needing a rest....these little dogs need attention right now!!! (not too long, please!)

  5. Well, firstly, congrats on the new arrival! No one will blame you for neglecting your blog at this time-he's too cute not to be with all the time!
    Now, a sketch you say? Hmm that looks like a pretty full on amazing drawing to me! I would leave the tassle in as that corner will look empty without it. I think it works well.
    Enjoy every second of puppy sized chaos!

  6. OH OH OH Sherlock is such a little teddy bear!! Congratulations!! I can understand how you can be so madly in love with him. Enjoy him while you can and don't feel guilty about it. They grow up so fast!! I know, my 2 kittens will be 1 yr. old next month. :-( (And I agree with Kathryn R. on the tassel.)

  7. Sherlock is beyond gorgeous... we have been a touch jealous of you having the new baby in the house... but not so jealous of the no painting time... but you have a cleaning fairy... that just isn't fair... I want one... and I get you on the one thing leading to another... our house looks like it is post apocalyptic at the moment ... truly scary...
    and I like the tassel... balances out the brushes... xx

  8. Oh what a cutie is Sherlock! And such a great name! :) I love your new bear sketch. In my opinion leave the tassle in, maybe a little higher than the bear. So the tassle and the face of the bear are not in one line. If you know what I mean.

  9. Welcome Sherlock! He's a fab little boy.

    I also love the tonal study of your new bear painting. Do you make one for every bear painting you do? Do you keep those to remind you of the painting, when it sells?

  10. I'm with the first comment, maybe mute the tassle, pushing it back a little.

    Good luck. I am doing absolutely nothing dealing with my 3 month old.

  11. What an awesome sketch. I love the brushes and paint tubes in it. So great! And those puppy photos are SWEET! You MUST be in love.

  12. Very good painting is growing! And Sherlock's cute...Arianna!

  13. Sandra that sketch is fantastic. I especially love the paint tubes. :) And I vote to keep the tassle in, I think it adds another compositional direction to keep the eye moving around. :) And I just LOVE Sherlock!! I can see why you are so smitten with him and so distracted too.

  14. your tonal sketch is incredible. you are incredible. i agree with crystal, those paint tubes are alive! tassle in for me.

    and that puppy. oh my, i just melt when i see puppies. he is incredibly adorable and amazing and you are right!! you do have another baby, your time is no longer your own. i thought i'd pull my hair out with the boys. even now when i try to work, it's like feed us, let us out, let us in, take us for a walk, come cuddle, can i sit on your lap?...and i wouldn't have it any other way.

    good luck and come back as soon as possible.

  15. Sandra, I would miss you should you leave your blog. But, I know what you mean, the weather is so sunny and pretty here that we are busy outside, gardening, bike riding, or various festivals and carnivals. There is no time for me to sit and paint so I have nothing new to post, either.

    Love your sketch. I like the tassel, but, as the first person said, mute it a little bit. I would not have noticed unless you mentioned it. I see new potential sketches and paintings from your new inspiration, Sherlock.

  16. If not the tassel then something else! But the tassel is fine. Love the composition, is the bear named Bart (B art)?

    I know what you mean about the drive to Yorkshire it takes me ages when I come South.

    I too am decorating - 14 days worth, and I'm half way through it. Real life gets in the way at times, not enough hours in a day!

    Love the puppy!!!!

  17. Ooooh Sherlock is so cute Sandra. Give him a big hug from me, will you? Your tonal sketch is wonderful. A promise for the painting. Take it easy and enjoy your time with your newest member of the family! :)

  18. I vote to keep the tassle. Compositionally I think it makes the piece stronger and it fits in content-wise too. Win-win. It's going to be another rich, wonderful painting!


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