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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It wasn't meant to be so long between this and my last post - but I have been SO busy over the Easter, that I just haven't had the time to sit at the computer! In fact, I haven't even had the time to do any art at all for more than two weeks! 

Anyway, before I explain why - here is the Apple, which won the vote as to which to share next...

8" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the apple its self.
All of those final glazes, each bringing out different colours and markings...

In case you missed them, click on the links for layer 1, layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4, which came before these final few glazes.

Anyway - why have I been SO busy?

You probably remember when our dog, Codi, passed away, a year ago last Christmas day... Well, I didn't deal with it very well at all and I vowed never to get another dog.

Codi was a dog who made her presence known - admittedly much to my dismay at times!  But she had been by my side almost every day, all day for ten years and when she was gone, I was overwhelmed by the hole she had left behind.
Still, I never wanted to replace her and that was that. My mind was completely closed to the idea of another dog.

But for the last few weeks, Paul has been bringing it up from time to time.
My first reaction was to flatly refuse to even entertain the idea. But then he kept on talking about it to other people, looking at puppies on the internet and generally bothering me about it...

Eventually, I agreed to give it some thought and the more persuasion I had from Paul, the more I warmed to the idea. But this time, it would have to be a completely different breed and a different sex - this way it would be easier to detach a new pup from being any kind of replacement for Codi - because he won't be. He'll be an individual all of his own.

Anyway -  within days of agreeing to think about it, we were travelling 4 1/2 hours up north to the 'chocolate box' village of Pickering in Yorkshire, to view some puppies... and of course once I saw them, how could I possibly refuse???

It was SO hard to choose - but in the end, out of six little boys, we picked the one who was really content to have a lovely long cuddle - just as content to play amongst the other pups and equally content to wander off on his own, generally entertain himself and find things to bring back; first, a twig, then a leaf and then a small lump of moss!

Here he is at six weeks old...


...And we're picking him up on the 13th April, when he is ready to leave his Mum :0)

This was much less time than we had expected and since this new pup might not be quite as reluctant to wander off as Codi was, we are using all of our spare time to prepare... securing fences, shopping for supplies, clearing the garden of anything that might be dangerous etc...

So, that's why my blog is slow at the moment - and it will be for a little while, because the next two weekends will be taken up with more preparations and another trip to Yorkshire to collect him - then of course I'll have to put some time in to training him to pass me my brushes etc ;0)

Anyway - if I where to give you 3 guesses as to what we've named him, you'd probably get it right!
No - it's not 'Ted', though that was one we were toying with....

...We've named him 'Sherlock' after one of my bear paintings :0)
 But not only that, it's a cool name for a 'Fox Red Labrador Retriever' don't you think?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my news! I must be completely BONKERS!!!
Next up will be the charcoal drawing of Bear 7  :0)

See you then!


  1. Ce petit chien est trop mignon ^^
    Et votre peinture est fabuleuse!
    Félicitations chère Sandra :)

  2. What a post! Firstly - a fantastic apple and such a good idea to put it in the glass! It looked so real that I had to look twice. Totally brilliant!

    Great news about Sherlock, a Yorkshire dog from near to where we live - must be good.

  3. The appletini is FANTASTIC!! Such gorgeous depth of colors to the apple. I love the naturalistic look to it. :) And Sherlock is such a cute lovey!! I can see how it would be hard NOT to warm to such a sweet little face. :)

  4. Sandra I'm so happy for you. What a blessing Sherlock will be. He is so adorable. so precious. I'll be getting mine on the 11th which is one year since my dear Daisy died. We need our dear doggie loves to help with our painting. love to you and your apple tini is gorgeous! love,Diana

  5. Congratulations, Sandra!!! I'm so happy for you ....Sherlock will be the luckiest puppy to have a "Mum" like you! You chose a perfect name for such a precious puppy. Please take plenty of pictures so you can share them with us when he gets home!! And I LOVE your Appletini..its absolutely flawless!!! Okay, now I have to look at Sherlock again!!!

  6. Love the apple painting almost as much as Sherlock's adorable face... will be so exciting to have him home with you... looking forward to more photos of him... and also hoping you get back to the studio soon... I would be hellish to live with after 2 weeks...xx

  7. Hello Sandra,
    the dog is very cute.
    The apple in the cup is nicely painted, like a lot of hyperrealism you use.
    Glasses, bears and still lifes are really your brand. Everything is very good!
    a hug

  8. Hi Sandra,
    Yay! Yippie! Yahoo! I am so happy for your family and for Sherlock! I know you all will be so happy in your new lives together. He is one lucky puppy :). I also want to mention how much I love your apple in the glass. You've done an amazing job on both elements. Congratulations on a wonderful piece.

  9. What a nice post, Sandra! I'm happy for the little Sherlock, he has found a fantastic owner! Congratulations also for the beautiful apple, a great painting indeed! Ciao!

  10. Finally.. and wow.. All the harmonious colors in this one just speak volumes about you as an artist. Well done really. And Sherlock is really cute. :)

  11. The apple turned out wonderfully - it is sooo realistic!! Sherlock is adorable and I can imagine how excited you are to be bringing him home. I know what you mean about replacing Codi. Steve and I have talked about the time when one or both of our fur babies won't be there any more. I can't even begin to think about it without an ache in my heart. I think it will be really hard on the dog left behind too though as they've literally been together since birth. Part of me thinks I could never get another dog because I love these two so much but another part of me really wants to give a rescue dog a chance at a happy life so I guess I could never say never. Anyway, Sherlock will be his own wee individual character and he will bring you so much joy - their unconditional love never ceases to amaze me!

  12. The apple martini is fabulous - love the soft, rich colors! As for Sherlock ... PERFECT name, and he adorable beyond description!!!

  13. What a cute puppy!!!! And that painting is simply awesome. I love the base of the glass and the way the colors seems to dance together making an outstanding example of glass perfection. So great!!!

  14. Sherlock is soooo cute.

    As you know I'm as bonkers as you having just litterally picked an almost 3 month old off the street and who is currently chewing my toes. We'll have to trade sketches :)

  15. oops sorry - painting looks great.

  16. How exciting! He looks soooo cute! My cat died four years ago, just before Christmas, and I still miss her. I had her for 18 years, half of my life. I haven't got a pet at the moment, but I know that I'll definitely have a cat again one day.

    Your painting is gorgeous! Just want to bite into that apple now!!

  17. Great works, congratulations!! if you like, come to my blog and see the section Quadri (paintings) Ciao,paolo

  18. Sandra, so looking forward to our dear puppies. Can't wait for you to get yours home. love your appletini. gorgeous.. Do you think we'll get any painting done. love,Diana

  19. awww .... enjoy your new puppy sandra ! ...finished ...looks great !

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!! of course Codi is irreplaceable but i know that she's jumping for joy now that you will have another pup to love. i'm so glad you decided to get another, they give us so much love. not to replace the love lost but just to give more. and i LOVE the name. i'm so happy for you Sandra!!! enjoy sherlock!!

    and the apple is stunning, just wonderful. still enjoying the wealth of the information you were wonderful to share with me. thank you so much. ooooo, i'm so happy for you and the family!!!

  21. Lovely painting with great reflections! And that cute little puppy! I melt!!!

  22. I swore I'd never have another dog after I lost my 'Sally' but within the year I'd collected 'Tess' from a rescue shelter. They were totally different breeds and characters and the one never replaced the other .... I just have two fond memories rather than one. Very happy for you.

    The painting is awesome. ;)

  23. Dear Sandry:) It's you forgiven!! Congratulations with your new born:) Such a cute and adorable little puppy. And who minds a brush more or less if he looks at you with those beautiful eyes? I wish you and your family lots of fun with Sherlock. Oh, almost forgot: your painting is beautiful:)xx


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