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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WIP: Layer 12,610...

So, you got to meet a few of my 'Me's in the last post.... Well, one of them is highly inconsistent, hence the missing 'Sketchy Sunday' this week. 

Hmm... that didn't last long did it? 
Maybe I should call them, 'Sketchy Last Day of Every Month, Sundays'... Or, 'Sketchy Only When I feel like it, Sundays'...

I can't even give you a good reason, other than that the house needed cleaning, as did Frankie and Babs (Our chickens)     *:0( R.I.P. Marjorie*

Anyway, one of those Me's has the patience of a saint - hence getting this far with the apple, without sticking my head in the oven...

(You can see layer 1 here, layer 2 here and layer 3 here)

But - I still have at least four more glazes to go! 

Believe it or not, this apple is actually going to be predominantly red... Really? Even I struggle to believe that!

Anyway, the me I am at the moment has very little patience at all...
YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn........ I am SO bored of this apple!!!

So - with that in mind, I hereby give you........ OLIVE *hehe*- Well, actually two olives. And yes, this is layer one, of about thirty-five thousand, probably...

But, fear not - I won't be boring you with every single glaze! 

In fact, I have some BEAR business to get back to - I can't stay away from those fellows for too long :0)
I'm pretty settled on a composition - perhaps a tweak here and there is needed - but I am hoping to get a full size sketch drawn out this weekend. I just can't WAIT to get started!

Tutty-bye for now :0)


  1. Your apple looks great!! I have some photo references of an apple in a martini glass that I took ages ago and just never got around to painting. This painting is so gorgeous it makes me wonder why I never got around to painting that. The olives are shaping up nicely as well. I love your stream of consciousness posts:) We get a real sense of your personality:)

  2. amazing! love the progress. i'm not patient either so i can relate.

  3. wow, I know you very kindly explained the whole glazing thing to me but how do you know what colours to use in each layer of glaze - is there some kind of mathematical formula or has it been written in stone by early oil painter or do you just 'know'?? enquiring minds need to know! I admire you for having more than one painting on the go at a time. I have thought about it, in fact today I even got out my watercolour accoutrements with an idea to start a pointy portrait but then decided I just wanted to get my latest cow finished first!
    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that Marjorie is no more - I imagine that you get just as attached to hens as any other companion animal as they're supposed to be much more intelligent than we give them credit for.
    Your olive painting is going to be stunning too - after all those gazillion glazes to bring out the true colours!

  4. Be prepared to meet the WORLD's BEST PAINTER check it out

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  6. Gorgeous.. and so very patient.. but it pays off.. beautiful.can't wait to see it red! love,Diana

  7. this is coming along SO beautifully, Sandra! I love it as is .LOL... and I love how the painting with the olives is coming along as well...Beautiful work, Sandra!!

  8. It looks awesome. I can't imagine what you could do to make it look any better. Awesome work, Sandra!

  9. Hmmm ... it seems the real you ... or you's ... is/are emerging. You have a truly wacky sense of humor!!! LOVE IT!
    As for the [yawn] apple, I can hardly wait to see the color transformation, as well as the evolution of the olives!!!
    Sorry to hear about Marj. :(

  10. OH wow.. I thought its going to be a green apple actually. Its already almost like finished for me. And you tell me that you are going to paint it red.. This is exciting. Cant wait to see it.

  11. Hi Sandra, to me it looks already perfect as it is. I'm really curious to see the final version with the red apple. Ciao!

  12. lol Sunday(ish) sketches - no problem :)

    Good luck with the next 100+ layers on both of these. I look forward to the final paintings.

  13. Sorry to hear about Marjorie... and had no clue that cleaning the chickens could eat into sketchy Sunday time... but the apple is coming along well... layers are a pain but the results are going to be stunning... and I love the whole underpainting thing... green under red makes it glow!!!

  14. Patience is a big weakness of mine. SO I truly admire you so much to create these beautiful beautiful pieces!!!! I LOVE the creaminess of that apple. It's gorgeous. :))) Can't wait to see the next bear too, in paint!

  15. I love how this is looking but there is no way I would have the patience for all those layers. ;-)

  16. Pfew.... For a moment I thought you wanted to show us all those layers! Maybe a photo of you with your head in the oven would be fun. NO don't do!! The apple will be finished some time, some how:) Just take a deap breath! Your work is wonderful Sandra. And I love to see a bear of you. They are so gorgeous:)


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