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Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Bear Bones....

Gaaaaagh! Enough of the apple already!!!!!!!!

Actually - I have stuck the apple where the sun doesn't shine put the apple to one side for a week or so, to let it thoroughly dry before adding any more glazes - And besides, I'm glad to be doing something else for a while - Hurrah!!

And of course what else could it be but a new bear? :0)
Yes, you heard it right! Here are the very beginnings of Bear 7...

22" x 24" Composition Sketch

...So, this is just a line sketch, drawn firstly on a small piece of scrap paper to test my chosen composition and then drawn out full size, on the back of a roll of old wallpaper (which is much cheaper than large drawing paper)!

I need to come back to it in a few days with fresh eyes, just to make quadruply sure I'm happy.
Once I'm sure, the next step is to go over my drawing with charcoal and introduce the tonal values :0)

I feel much more like my usual me, now I finally have a new bear on the go!  
And  I think that this counts as a 'Sketchy Sunday', don't you?


  1. Glad to hear you've started a new bear. Such a lengthy process with all the per-sketches and what not-you're so professional! I just started straight onto to canvas and thank the acrylic god that I can just keep painting over it until I get the composition and perspective right!

  2. Definitely counts as a sketchy Sunday!! I love this sketch so much Sandra, but I know you already know that. ;) I hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day my friend!

  3. erm no but it looks interesting :)

  4. I think it counts as a "sketchy Sunday", just bear-ly!!!

  5. Looking good, Sandra. Love the drawing so much, i don't know that I want you to begin to paint.. I think you should go back to the apple :lol:

  6. I hope you realise I am observing everyone's WIP closely since I've decided to become apainter. Notes: Draw a sketch then enlarge for composition ... next comes a 'tonal' whatsit......ok.

    Watching you closely, madam painter!


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