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Monday, 25 March 2013

And finally...!

I was going to post my Charcoal sketch of the latest bear, but really - how much l--o--n--g--e--r, can I drag these olives out?

So, before anything else - here is the completed painting...

(8 x 8 inches. Oil on Canvas covered board)

...And in case you didn't read in a previous post - there are just TWO olives in the glass! It's the distortions, reflections and refracted light that give the illusion that there are FOUR olives!

I guess that's where that old Artists' saying comes in... 'Paint what you see, not what you think you see.'
It would be easy to paint two olives with a cocktail stick perfectly aligned at either end, simply because the mind assumes... but careful observation reveals an entirely different picture :0)

I enjoyed painting this and I hope I didn't bore you too much with the process!

Oh - and I haven't forgotten - I still have the apple to post! 
I'll do that soon :0)

Anyway - as you know I have started bear 7 and having completed my tonal sketch, I can finally start working on canvas - Hurrah!!!
And unusually, thanks to a very special friend, I have found the perfect model 'Gogga', for bear number 8... Wow - I'm actually ahead of myself!

Here he is, but bear with him, he is a little shy... ;0)

I am really hoping that I can find the perfect setting for 'Gogga', whilst still working on bear 7. It would be quite novel to have two on the go at once :0)

Anyway - what would you like to see next? The charcoal bear sketch? Or the completed apple? I'll post which ever gets the most votes next :0)

Toodeloo  for now :0)


  1. Your painting is fabulous!!! How cool that there are only 2 olives. It's just beautiful, Sandra!!

  2. Hello Sandra,
    it is wonderful! Very, very beautiful and perfect painting!
    Congratulations and a hug

  3. I absolutely love the olive painting. So beautiful Sandra!! The shine on the glass and the distortions are fabulously done. I'd like to see both, but I am very curious to see what the finished apple looks like. ;)

  4. Fabulous painting, Sandra. The accuracy of the refracted images appeals to me ... and the glass is!

    That bear is not shy! A shy bear would not wear a red scarf!

    In the old days I would want to see the charcoal, but now I'm a (cough>painter....! The apple ...esprit de applecorps!

  5. Simply fabulous! You make it look so easy! Gogga is wonderful. Have you decided on a setting for him yet? As soon as I saw him I thought of him sitting in a dog's bed/basket. He looks like a well loved bear that has maybe been adopted by the family dog!

  6. Simply fabulous! You make it look so easy! Gogga is wonderful. Have you decided on a setting for him yet? As soon as I saw him I thought of him sitting in a dog's bed/basket. He looks like a well loved bear that has maybe been adopted by the family dog!

  7. WHEREVER did you find Gogga??? That is one well-loved bear! :)

  8. I almost forgot - I was so smitten by Gogga. Your martini is fabulous!!!

  9. What incredible clarity you have achieved with your olive martini! The glass is hard and crisp, the liquid wet and fluid and the olives so perfectly organic - I love it! I would love to see the charcoal drawing as a prelude to your Bear #7 oil painting as I am fascinated by other artists working processes. And Gogga is just too adorable! I know you will find the perfect setting for him in one of your delightful paintings!

  10. Dear Sandra, the perfection of your painting leaves me astonished, what a wonderful work! Ciao!

  11. I am completely blown by this.. Have no words really. Such a FANTASTIC piece..

  12. i vote for the apples! and this is BREATHTAKING!!!! so beautifully done. and i know all about the process behind it thanks to your kindness and patience. i so appreciate everything you sent and i am enthralled! i'll be writing you soon with so much to say.

    and thank you too for the wonderfully kind and generous comments on morning walk refreshed, i appreciate them so very much.

    happy creating my friend!

  13. This is absolutely FANTASTIC Sandra! I'm amazed at how perfect it looks!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
    and Apples pleasssssssse!!

  14. I bow down to your amazing perseverance and talent... I tip my hat to your painting abilities
    and freak out just a tiny bit at how bloody amazing this turned out... you are good!!!!

  15. It was worth all the time consuming layers - because it looks fabulous!
    Well done.

  16. Lovely painting.

    I vote for bear next :)

  17. very beautiful finish sandra ! ... no 8 looks very well loved .

  18. Amazing Sandra! So beautiful. And you didn't bore me with the process:)

  19. Stunning work Sandra, absolutely stunning. As for the next post .... both please. ;)

  20. This is just amazing! Yes, it's so easy to see what we think/expect to see, instad of what we really see. The olives look just terrific. What a sweet bear. He certainly looks well loved, and I'm looking forward to see your finished painting of him!

  21. I am so far behind on blogs. I seem to look at my FB feed and weeks and weeks go before I check my blogs. So...this is fantastic! Great olive distortion, reflections on the glass..absolutely beautiful!

  22. This painting is incredible! so realistic! I love it :)


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