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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nearly there...

Following on from my last post - here is the mid layer of my Olive painting...

I quite liked it at this stage and was tempted to leave it right here!
But no - I mean, there are black olives and green olives... but whoever heard of a grey olive???
So, I have of course added colour and the next version you see will be the final one - and I'm glad I didn't leave it like this - it's far too boring! :0)

The apple is almost finished now too.
It was so much more complex even without the liquid in the glass, thanks to all those wonderful markings on the skin. But I've finished the actual apple its self now. I just need to work a little more on the glass.
As soon as that's done I can finally post it :0)

Meanwhile, I have completed the charcoal, tonal drawing of bear 7, which I'll also share with you soon.
I'm really happy with it - It gives me a really good idea of how I want my final painting to look!

So, watch this space - there is lots to come! :0)


  1. You are so productive! I think this looks great- the reflections just blow me away. Lookong forward to seeing the final olive and apple!

  2. Sandra, I have no knowledge of your technique, I only know your finished works are amazing,
    and can already see that this one will be too... BJ

  3. WOW! Sandra, are you sure you have to continue with this wonder? Ciao!

  4. Ohhh I love this stage!! The smoothness and strength of values is amazing. I LOVE it and would have been so tempted to leave it like this too. Now I really can't wait to see the next one. :)

  5. I know it has been a painful process but this is stunning... the tonal work is just perfect... I think this is quite something ... even Phantom gave it a whoa... a good whoa... like whoooooa ... high praise from the teenage one and for once I agree...xx

  6. Well, you have really built up the suspense! I am dying to see the martini IN COLOR and the apple ... and the bear ... :)
    Your values are superb in this painting!

  7. This is so beautiful, Sandra! You're amazing with glass and I can't imagine what your next post will bring!!! LOVE this one!

  8. How you do it I don't know, Sandra, the glass is minblowingly fantasticalalovablistic.

    Look forward to #7 and the apple.

  9. Hello Sandra,
    the flawless finish of the paintings is their trademark!
    Very beautiful the bowl with olives!
    A big hug

  10. You have been busy, Sandra - and I am in awe of your work! Wow - just amazing!

  11. such a beautiful and sweet expression!

  12. Hello Sandra:) Can't wait to see the finished version. Beautiful art!

  13. Sandra, you've plain run me out of superlatives. This is awesome as it is and I can't wait to see the final painting. Stunning!!


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