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Thursday, 14 March 2013

More W.I.P's...

Okay - so, you remember the apple
Of course you do - It must seem that you have seen at least a squillion glazes of apple over the last few weeks!

Well, I am still waiting for the under layers of the apple to dry fully, before I begin adding the final glazes, so it might be a while before you see it all finished.... :0) 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you the second layer of the Olives...

(You can see the first layer here)

I actually completed this painting quite a while ago - This one was quite simple. But I may as well show you how I went about it because there is just one further layer and one glaze left to show you... 
Hmm... Who said 'Phew'??? Was that you???

By the way - there are actually only two olives in the glass. 
It fascinates me how all of the distortions and retracted light, give the illusion that there are four! 
Anyway, very quickly there where none, because I ate them as soon as I'd finished!  Yum! :0P

Changing the subject a little - As you know, Bear number 7 is now officially a work in progress - Hurrah!! :0)

You remember my last post, where I showed you the initial line drawing, which I had mapped out on the back of some old wallpaper? 
Well, the next step was to trace that large drawing, so I can easily transfer it to my canvas, without having to draw it all over again...

I use Waitrose greaseproof paper for this task. 
It is white, but transparent enough to see quite clearly what's underneath. And the best thing is,  it comes in a 20 metre roll and costs just £1.48... That is far cheaper than actual Tracing Paper!

So, the next step is to go over the initial line drawing underneath in charcoal, to map out my tonal values. 
The varying degrees of darks and lights will help to create the depth needed in various areas - particularly between the back of the books and the curtain behind. 
It will also help to divert the eye to the bear, which should be the main focal point :0)

Hopefully you've got the theme by now...? 

I can't wait to start on those wonderful old art books with the gold lettering. That's what I most enjoyed when I painted Sherlock :0)

Anyway - I wonder what's on your easel right now?

Toodle-Pip for now!



  1. Oh I love your WIPS. They always look quiet complete to me though. And I would have never guessed there are only 2 olives. Dud me.. :)
    And this new bear seems to be a little one lost among books. :)

  2. Holey Moley, that apple is taking it's own sweet time to dry!!! :)

  3. I always feel like such a fraud when you talk about all the things you do in your various stages of work-all these technical arty terms! i guess that's when being a self-taught artist becomes glaringly clear as I don't really have stages as such-I just keep adding paint until I get an approximation of what I wanted the painting to look like!
    Thanks for the tip on the greaseproof paper. we don't have a waitrose up here, only Tesco, i wonder will theirs do?!
    On my easel currently is a highland cow (or coo to give it its proper name!) and not the actual cow-that would never fit on my easel! ;0)

  4. Hello Sandra,
    I see here the sequence of the bowls, now with olives. Very good as always.
    What a treat!
    The study for the bear, beautiful.
    A hug

  5. I am loving seeing more of your process... not as much fun as actually being in the studio and watching you but as close as I am going to get for a while I suppose... I used greaseproof paper for years when I was teaching... it is the perfect solution ... looking forward to seeing that bear start to emerge...xx

  6. Your patience puts me to shame! I can't wait to see it when it's all done - although don't get me wrong, I LOVE process shots/information. It's fascinating to see how others work.

  7. would that i had your patience. and look how the painting look when completed!!! OUTSTANDING!!! and i love the sketch of the newest bear work. you are gifted and i so enjoy seeing your work progress!

  8. It's great watching your WIP's Sandra and I like that tip about the greaseproof paper. On my easel right now? Nothing! But I hope to get back to something soon. ;)

  9. First of all, I love your work in progression! It makes it so much more interesting!! and the bear painting is going to be many fine details to see! I'm almost finished with a painting...a copy of one of Rembrandt's work..interesting..a little different!

  10. Hi Sandra, I'm really impressed by the complexity of the design of the bear number 7. Its implementation will undoubtedly be a challenging job for you, but for all of us, it will be a joy to see this painting. Have a good Sunday!

  11. I could just say ditto to what Kim said, you are so patient!! It's such a great quality of your work I really love how this olive glass is coming about. :))) And can't wait to see the new bear painting in progress. I think I should paint some books one of these days. :)

    PS I thought I left you a comment here before but I guess I didn't. Sorry my friend!!

  12. Hello Sandra:) Apple? What apple....? I love your new bear painting! Isn't he looking a bit angry? Funny nr. 7 is my favorite number. I don't know why I mention, it just came up. Do you share the WIP's of this painting with us too? Would be great! Have a nice day:)

  13. he is quite tiny your new bear so it's a nice idea to have him sitting on the books ...hope you are making good progress with the apple sandra .


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