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Monday, 25 March 2013

And finally...!

I was going to post my Charcoal sketch of the latest bear, but really - how much l--o--n--g--e--r, can I drag these olives out?

So, before anything else - here is the completed painting...

(8 x 8 inches. Oil on Canvas covered board)

...And in case you didn't read in a previous post - there are just TWO olives in the glass! It's the distortions, reflections and refracted light that give the illusion that there are FOUR olives!

I guess that's where that old Artists' saying comes in... 'Paint what you see, not what you think you see.'
It would be easy to paint two olives with a cocktail stick perfectly aligned at either end, simply because the mind assumes... but careful observation reveals an entirely different picture :0)

I enjoyed painting this and I hope I didn't bore you too much with the process!

Oh - and I haven't forgotten - I still have the apple to post! 
I'll do that soon :0)

Anyway - as you know I have started bear 7 and having completed my tonal sketch, I can finally start working on canvas - Hurrah!!!
And unusually, thanks to a very special friend, I have found the perfect model 'Gogga', for bear number 8... Wow - I'm actually ahead of myself!

Here he is, but bear with him, he is a little shy... ;0)

I am really hoping that I can find the perfect setting for 'Gogga', whilst still working on bear 7. It would be quite novel to have two on the go at once :0)

Anyway - what would you like to see next? The charcoal bear sketch? Or the completed apple? I'll post which ever gets the most votes next :0)

Toodeloo  for now :0)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nearly there...

Following on from my last post - here is the mid layer of my Olive painting...

I quite liked it at this stage and was tempted to leave it right here!
But no - I mean, there are black olives and green olives... but whoever heard of a grey olive???
So, I have of course added colour and the next version you see will be the final one - and I'm glad I didn't leave it like this - it's far too boring! :0)

The apple is almost finished now too.
It was so much more complex even without the liquid in the glass, thanks to all those wonderful markings on the skin. But I've finished the actual apple its self now. I just need to work a little more on the glass.
As soon as that's done I can finally post it :0)

Meanwhile, I have completed the charcoal, tonal drawing of bear 7, which I'll also share with you soon.
I'm really happy with it - It gives me a really good idea of how I want my final painting to look!

So, watch this space - there is lots to come! :0)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

More W.I.P's...

Okay - so, you remember the apple
Of course you do - It must seem that you have seen at least a squillion glazes of apple over the last few weeks!

Well, I am still waiting for the under layers of the apple to dry fully, before I begin adding the final glazes, so it might be a while before you see it all finished.... :0) 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you the second layer of the Olives...

(You can see the first layer here)

I actually completed this painting quite a while ago - This one was quite simple. But I may as well show you how I went about it because there is just one further layer and one glaze left to show you... 
Hmm... Who said 'Phew'??? Was that you???

By the way - there are actually only two olives in the glass. 
It fascinates me how all of the distortions and retracted light, give the illusion that there are four! 
Anyway, very quickly there where none, because I ate them as soon as I'd finished!  Yum! :0P

Changing the subject a little - As you know, Bear number 7 is now officially a work in progress - Hurrah!! :0)

You remember my last post, where I showed you the initial line drawing, which I had mapped out on the back of some old wallpaper? 
Well, the next step was to trace that large drawing, so I can easily transfer it to my canvas, without having to draw it all over again...

I use Waitrose greaseproof paper for this task. 
It is white, but transparent enough to see quite clearly what's underneath. And the best thing is,  it comes in a 20 metre roll and costs just £1.48... That is far cheaper than actual Tracing Paper!

So, the next step is to go over the initial line drawing underneath in charcoal, to map out my tonal values. 
The varying degrees of darks and lights will help to create the depth needed in various areas - particularly between the back of the books and the curtain behind. 
It will also help to divert the eye to the bear, which should be the main focal point :0)

Hopefully you've got the theme by now...? 

I can't wait to start on those wonderful old art books with the gold lettering. That's what I most enjoyed when I painted Sherlock :0)

Anyway - I wonder what's on your easel right now?

Toodle-Pip for now!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Bear Bones....

Gaaaaagh! Enough of the apple already!!!!!!!!

Actually - I have stuck the apple where the sun doesn't shine put the apple to one side for a week or so, to let it thoroughly dry before adding any more glazes - And besides, I'm glad to be doing something else for a while - Hurrah!!

And of course what else could it be but a new bear? :0)
Yes, you heard it right! Here are the very beginnings of Bear 7...

22" x 24" Composition Sketch

...So, this is just a line sketch, drawn firstly on a small piece of scrap paper to test my chosen composition and then drawn out full size, on the back of a roll of old wallpaper (which is much cheaper than large drawing paper)!

I need to come back to it in a few days with fresh eyes, just to make quadruply sure I'm happy.
Once I'm sure, the next step is to go over my drawing with charcoal and introduce the tonal values :0)

I feel much more like my usual me, now I finally have a new bear on the go!  
And  I think that this counts as a 'Sketchy Sunday', don't you?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WIP: Layer 12,610...

So, you got to meet a few of my 'Me's in the last post.... Well, one of them is highly inconsistent, hence the missing 'Sketchy Sunday' this week. 

Hmm... that didn't last long did it? 
Maybe I should call them, 'Sketchy Last Day of Every Month, Sundays'... Or, 'Sketchy Only When I feel like it, Sundays'...

I can't even give you a good reason, other than that the house needed cleaning, as did Frankie and Babs (Our chickens)     *:0( R.I.P. Marjorie*

Anyway, one of those Me's has the patience of a saint - hence getting this far with the apple, without sticking my head in the oven...

(You can see layer 1 here, layer 2 here and layer 3 here)

But - I still have at least four more glazes to go! 

Believe it or not, this apple is actually going to be predominantly red... Really? Even I struggle to believe that!

Anyway, the me I am at the moment has very little patience at all...
YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn........ I am SO bored of this apple!!!

So - with that in mind, I hereby give you........ OLIVE *hehe*- Well, actually two olives. And yes, this is layer one, of about thirty-five thousand, probably...

But, fear not - I won't be boring you with every single glaze! 

In fact, I have some BEAR business to get back to - I can't stay away from those fellows for too long :0)
I'm pretty settled on a composition - perhaps a tweak here and there is needed - but I am hoping to get a full size sketch drawn out this weekend. I just can't WAIT to get started!

Tutty-bye for now :0)


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