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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Work in Progress: Layer 3...

Hmm... This layering malarkey is quite long winded, isn't it?
Ah well... the final result will tell me whether it was worth it.

Meanwhile, this is layer 3... 

This the final layer before the application of colour, which - yes, you guessed it - will go on in layers of firstly opaque colour and then transparent layers over the top! Yaaaaaawn...

I haven't quite decided, how much of this technique will go in to future paintings...
Oh well, time will tell :0)

Anyway - in case you missed it, you can see layer 1 here and layer 2 here.

Speaking of layers, I pondered the other day, on just how many 'me's' there are!
I mean, I am impatient by nature - and yet, here I am, practicing the longest possible technique of painting there is!

And there's the 'occasional me' who paints like this...

...and the 'usual me' who paints like this...

There's the me who sketches like this...

And the me who sketches like that...

Then there's the 'mostly me' who writes like this...

...The 'sketchy me' who writes like this....

...and the 'fancy me who writes like that...

And I have two signatures too!

My arty one....

... and my every day signature... 

(too tricky to paint with a brush, if I'm honest ;0)

But I mean, who ever heard of an Artist with two signatures??? 

Hmm... and what's with the HUGE 'Y's? I hear you ask... 
Well, I've always believed that if you ask BIG questions, you might just get a BIG answer! ;0)

Sometimes I confuse myself as to which 'me' I actually am!
Perhaps it's all part of being a Gemini... or maybe this is just a typical characteristic of a creative person.

Anyway - I apologize for this gibberish, hogwash of a post! 
But before I go, tell me - are there many 'you's' to you?

...Or are you just the one?



  1. Bonjour Sandra :)
    J'aime bien suivre les ├ętapes de votre peinture.
    Votre travail est toujours si beau...

  2. Hello Sandra, I'm really impressed by the numbers of steps you must take to get to the end result with an oil painting. If I think that with watercolor my target is to be as fast as possible, I do find it hard to imagine myself in front of a canvas rather than a paper.
    I see that there are several "Sandra", I'm sure they are all very interesting! As for me I've difficulty to manage just one "Tito", therefore one is more than enough! A hug!

  3. Okay that painting is really looking good at this stage.. But what I enjoyed more in this post was so may you's.. I just loved every You. And you can write so classy..

  4. Wow, I thought ink stippling was time consuming but this layer malarkey sounds just as bad!! I have to hold my hand up and say I'm not really sure what you mean by the transparent layer and the opaque layer - is that to do with oils or am I just showing my ignorance and should I know how to do this??
    I love all the yous and while it may be to do with being a gemini I imagine it might be more common than you think as I am the same - very impatient with everything but can spend hours adding a zillion dots to a portrait - Steve often says he doesn't know how I can be 'bothered'!! I find it therapeutic. I also have several styles of painting which I worry makes me less of an artist than someone with instantly recognisable work but which I reassure myself just means I am still evolving and whoever said we should only have one style of work anyway!
    I have a different signature for my art but only because it is just my initials rather than my full name - does that count?
    Anyway, hopefully I'll get to meet any version of these Sandras one of these days when you next pop up to Scotland!

  5. There is a scary number of me's mind you I think they are all magnificent, though Sinus may not agree!!! I quite like seeing the layers... I actually have a canvas on the desk to start today and I know I will rush at it and then regret not taking a more ordered approach and spend too much time trying to fix issues created by just jumping in... think I may leave this post open on the computer to remind me to slow down!!!

  6. I"m a Gemini too. I love your glass.. gorgeous.. love to you,Diana

  7. Sandra, I would not even want to try and remember how many "me's" there have been in the past. Hopefully, they are somewhat more consolidated now! :)

  8. Sketch me, illustrator me, fine artist me,... um definitely a schizophrenic me

  9. One me, many facets, like the brilliance of a diamond :)

    Love the layering technique, definitely one to teach you patience! xx

  10. What a fun post:) And I have a confession signatures on paintings has been a problem for me as well. I'm still not sure I have it all figured out. Love seeing all the sides of Sandra:)

  11. Sorry do not quite understand what you mean Sandra. Layers or glazes. The technique of oil painting is very diverse, but there are rules that are crucial to the end result.
    The painting requires patience.
    Freud while painting the Queen said, "you might think I'm slow, but believe that if we can go faster crash"

  12. A few me(s). But they all flow from one source ; ) I am impressed with your patience. It's looking great!

  13. I too am impressed with your patience and YES it is looking great!! I love this process in your style. It is beautiful. And I have way too many me's, I was just thinking about that yesterday when I was ordering art supplies and had to think if I had it in the budget to order for ALL the mediums I work in!! Craziness.

  14. That glass is just shimmering with light - can't wait to see the color! And I loved reading all about the different "yous" - I know they are parts of the complete YOU and your complexity and multifaceted personality shows through in all your work.

  15. Hello Sandra:) What a lovely post:) I haven't got two signatures but over the years I've changed my signature once from "RAA" to what it is nowadays. I loved to see all the different handwriting and sketching and painting styles you've got! Your painting is beautiful and it's so nice to see how you work. I'm very curious for the color part:)

  16. Hello Sandra,
    your natural mode is meticulous, precise and you do it very well!
    The cup and apple are progressing successfully!
    A big hug

  17. Hi Sandras' - I've been away, ill, but am fine now and will try to get my show back on the road ASAP!

  18. Oh my, you're so patient! But it's interesting to see how the painting evolves, and I'm looking forward to seeing the colour layers. Back in school, I was devastated that everyone had their own individual writing style, while I didn't, and instead kept copying whichever one of the others I liked best that week. I've stopped the copying but still seem to have so many different writing, and other, styles. But now I think that having lots of different me's is much better, as it allows for so much more variety. Like Nic, I sometimes worry about having different painting styles, rather than an immediately recognisable one. But then I find that too distinct styles can soon get boring, because everything ends up looking the same.


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