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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Work in Progress: Layer 2...

Continuing with my W.I.P, hopefully you remember layer 1 of the apple painting? 
If not, you can see it here :0)

Anyway, here is layer 2...

So, now there is much more contrast between tones :0)

It's a long winded way of posting a painting, but I LOVE it when other artists post W.I.P's!

But, hmm... As much as I like this technique - I'm equally keen to do some 'Alla-Prima' painting too.
I don't intend to change my style, but I do think it's important to swim in different waters from time to time, if only just to explore - It's all knowledge, after all :0)

And frankly, I am impatient by nature and though I would usually layer to this point myself anyway, I'm really not sure there is any benefit to adding a third layer before the colour. It seems a little unnecessary to me. 
Ah well, I suppose the answer will be in the final result!

Aside from this I've been playing around with new bear compositions over the last few days. 
I'm getting impatient to get a new one on the go! 
It's funny that I can feel quite lost all the time I don't have a bear in progress!

I still don't have a composition I'm happy with yet, but I do have some ideas floating around my head... somewhere.... :0)


  1. Hello Sandra:) Is this watercolor, acrylic or pastel? It is going to be beautiful! Like to see the next post:)

  2. This is looking awesome and I do like seeing it is progress... I really love seeing other people's processes... and can't wait to see the new bear composition... I am always happiest when i have a few things on the go and have something for my brain to settle on... xx

  3. Oooo! I love this and I love seeing works in progress too! Thank you for sharing, Sandra!

  4. Hello Sandra,
    the commencement of work gives to predict who will be very good.
    A careful technique - starting screen by layers of diluted paint in earth tones is classic, typical of the great masters.
    Congratulations, success and a big hug

  5. I really do admire your patience Sandra, and you get such beautiful results! :) I can't wait to see the color. And I would LOVE to see some alla prima works from you!!!!!!!!

  6. How did I not see this post before? I popped over from your last one just to see the difference in the layers - it's really interesting as this seems to have more colour and the most recent layer looks more black and white - it's a really interesting process you have and clearly worth the trouble as your final results always look amazing.


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