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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Work in Progress: Layer 1

The next few glass paintings will be very different to my previous ones.

This time I am working similarly to how I build my bear paintings, taking my time, layer by layer - the only difference being, one extra layer in between, but only because of the amount of detail involved in painting glass.

This is layer 1, of the apple in a Cocktail glass...

(And by the way, this is where I found that missing 'O' of my Mojo!)

It doesn't look like much at the moment, does it?
But slowly, through the layers it will begin to emerge, I promise!

Anyway, I had to chuckle at Paul's remark on this one...

"It doesn't make sense"... he said, scratching his head.
..."Why would anyone put an apple in a cocktail glass?"

Well, they do say opposites attract - and whilst the right half of my brain is definitely my most dominant, the left hand side of Paul's brain is most definitely his, lol!
At least, together we make a good pair :0)

Anyway - before I go, look at this adorable little fellow...

...I think he might just make the perfect model for my next bear painting! 
What do you think?

Toodaloo for now!


  1. Tell Paul it must be an appletini! V popular in the Big Apple don't you know! ;0) I'm looking forward to seeing this progress the way your bear paintings do and, yes, that's a very cute subject for your next in the bear series!

  2. Hah! I can see the "O" floating in the glass. And you new model is wonderful - such a stalwart-looking character. :)

  3. Why should someone put apple in a cocktail glass... LOL.
    And you have really got me excited with this little teaser. :)

  4. It's going to be gorgeous, I like the apple in the glass!!! love,Diana

  5. Yes to the bear ; ) And your next painting is going to be fantastic! I can see it already. The drawing is perfect.

  6. LOVE the apple in the glass (an apple martini perchance?)! And sooooooo glad you found the big O! I knew you would. And yes - that little fellow is too adorable to miss out on being immortalized in one of your paintings!

  7. Love to see a work in progress, I hope you take pics of each progression.
    The new bear is too cute xx

  8. Ma chère amie,
    je souffre pour me rendre sur votre blog !!! je ne suis pas très familiarisée avec Google et mon petit esprit est perdu... Je devrais un jour prendre le temps un jour pour connaître le fonctionnement et comment y naviguer...
    Aujourd'hui je me réjouis d'admirer votre oeuvre en pleine évolution... et pourquoi pas une pomme ?! peut-être une envie d'un verre de calvados ?!... sourire !

    Je pense que ce prochain nounours sera parfait pour une prochaine peinture... Je peux si vous voulez vous envoyer des photos de trois vieux nounours.

    Gros bisous et un grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire.

  9. Hi Sandra, good choice the new Teddy bear, it will be fantastic as usual!! As to the apple, I agree with Paul.....I'm not a true artist! Ciao!

  10. Have to say I'm with Paul on this one. I look forward to seeing its progression. Glad you found the last O, I'm in procrastination mode today.

  11. I love that little bear! Can't wait to see you paint him. :) And your new painting is going to be gorgeous! I love it already. And it's so funny about what Paul said because that didn't even cross my mind. I just thought, apple in a glass, looks good to me! :)

  12. the little bear is adorable... and I love being able to see a stage of your work... your glass paintings are my favourites so i really look forward to more step by step shots... hint hint...xx

  13. I love the little bear, and I'm curious to see the finished work! Arianna

  14. Hi Sandra:) All bears are perfect as a model for you! And this one is too:) I love your glass painting already!!

  15. This glass is going to be wonderful, Sandra!!!....LOVE the apple in it...very unique!!!! and
    I always look forward to your bear paintings....hopefully it will be to see the progression of a painting...


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