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Monday, 11 February 2013

The Turner exhibition...

(Sorry in advance for the unusually epic post today. Oops!)

As you know, I have been on the hunt for my missing Mojo and have so far managed to find the 'M' in my art studio, having completed the first layer of my latest glass painting and then you may remember, I found my 'O' in a mug of hot chocolate smothered in cream :0P

Hmm... any first time visitors to my blog are at this point going to think I'm a complete loon! 
Ah well, they are probably right ;0)

Anyway, I was expecting to find the 'J' at the Turner Exhibition at Petworth House, which my parents invited me to as a treat :0)
However, during a quick trip to the bathroom before we were about to leave - I accidentally saw the reflection of my face, in my Mum's horrific mAGNIFYIng mirror!!!!!!!!!!

What is it that makes Mum's insist on having one of those things DIRECTLY in front of the wash basin - where there is absolutely NO avoiding the trauma of seeing your own reflection - 1000 times magnified??? Ugh, ugh, UGH!!

It was horrid enough that I wasn't sure I wanted to see any more landscapes at all! I'd seen quite enough already, thank you very much! 
Apparently, at some point during the night, the Grand Canyon had  geographically relocated to my face - as had the surface of the moon!
So, at that very moment, not only had I lost both my 'M' and my 'O', but actually, the entire rest of the alphabet had also disappeared in to thin air!!!

A quick exit from the horror of the bathroom, followed an hour sulking to myself  in the car.

We soon arrived at Petworth House - A magnificent late 17th Century Mansion set in 700 acres of stunning landscape. No wonder Turner was so inspired by the place. In fact, he used to visit so regularly that he had his own studio there and much of the surrounding landscape, featured in his Sussex paintings.

We were lucky enough to see a few rooms in the mansion, most of them covered in original paintings and eleven of which were Turners. 

It's unfortunate that those paintings were positioned in such a way, that it was impossible to photograph them.

Never mind - check out the sculptures!



At this point, all but my M, O, J, and O of the alphabet, had returned.

Some of the paintings were absolutely GINORMOUS! To give you an idea, I took these ones below with my mobile phone looking up at the paintings...

I zoomed in to get a close look at the cloth... I could learn from it

Ouch - my neck hurts looking up like this!

Mum and I were surprised to see a portrait of poor Anne Boleyn, directly beneath a massive painting of King Henry VIII! 
I'm pretty sure she'd turn in her grave if she knew she were so near that nasty lump who had her executed! If he were my husband, I'd have taken him down a peg or two - that's for sure!!

Though these paintings are really not my cup of tea, there is still so much to learn from looking at how they were done :0)

The exhibition its self was held in one room, where unfortunately no photo's were allowed. But they limited the number of people allowed in, to just a few and we had a whole hour, so we got to see everything really close up. All of the Paintings and drawings were part of his Sussex collection and Sussex is the place I was born and have lived all my life.
Hurrah! My 'M' was back!

The best part for me was the glass case in the centre of the room, which contained three of Turners open Sketch Books. I was so delighted when I saw that one of the sketches was the view over the exact area I live! I could even see the steeple of the church next to our local pub in the drawing!
There was my 'O' - right there :0)

Anyway, though we weren't allowed to take photo's, my Dad managed to find the same sketchbook pages on the Tate Gallery Website, which didn't seem to say anything about copyright, so he sent them to me to show you :0)

(Click on the images to see them larger)

And this is the painting that Turner did of the same area...

Great! There's my 'J'!

So now, the hunt goes on for my last 'O'.  Hopefully I'll find that in my latest glass painting.
I'll be posting the first layer later this week - so watch this space :0)


  1. Hello Sandra,
    what a great opportunity to enjoy art and learn from the great masters of the past!
    A good day and a big hug

    Your post is wonderful today, Sandra! How I wish I could see that exhibit!
    As for the last "O", have you checked with the chickens??? :)

  3. I always love your blog Sandra. :) You write SO well!!! It sounds like a fabulous time for sure. Would love to stroll through an art museum with you one day, we'd have so much fun!!! I'm glad you had such a good time.

    Isn't it funny how our appearance can effect our mood so much?? I hate that. :/

  4. I soooooo wish I was there and checking it out with you... the sketchbooks would have been a great addition to the exhibit, and the close up on that fabric was amazing... glad the mojo is back... and avoid those mirrors at all costs... they are bloody awful aren't they...xx

  5. This post was wonderful...thank you so much Sandra....I needed the laugh!! It sounds like you had an amazing time at the museum....A favorite place for me as well..

  6. Oh Sandra I laughed at your post about the magnifying mirror - It was like I was experiencing the horror for myself (which I have - why do such mirrors even exist - we all know we're getting lines and wrinkles we don't need to see them in high definition!!)
    I always liked Turner and Constable when we studied art history at school - funny how your tastes change over the years as they wouldn't be my favourites at all nowadays but I would still like to see the exhibition as it is always quite awe inspiring to see these works of art in the flesh.
    I just realised as well that I gave my last post the same title as yours 'last orders' and hadn't even clicked until I just saw yours again in your post list!

  7. Horrible magnifying mirrors, I'm sure they were invented by men, who really thought they would do us a favour with them...
    I always love visiting National Trust places when I'm in England, and having a special exhibition too, well that is just the cherry on top. I'm always fascinated by the skills of those painters, even if I wouldn't want to have one hanging in my living room. It's definitely worth studying and learning from them.
    So glad your mojo's almost back. Hope you'll find that last O soon!

  8. Yeah, don't look in magnifying mirrors. Or in your car's rearview mirror on a bright sunny day. BUT...thanks for the virtual tour! Aren't exhibits insiring? Like you say, even if they aren't your cup of tea, there is most always something you can pull from/enjoy/learn from. I'm glad you're feeling better Sandra. Onward!

  9. How charmingly you have let us experience your day with you! I had to laugh at the mention of the magnified lunar landscape you saw on your face - I see it every day on mine - and it takes no magnifying mirror!
    Isn't wonderful that you have such a personal connection to Turner and his Sussex landscapes - how wonderful and inspiring. I have no doubt now that your O will return as a bold capital letter!

  10. sounds like you were spoilt by your parents sandra ...must have been inspiring too see turner's sketches esp sussex landscapes.

  11. Thanks for the tour. That fabric and lace is amazing!! So glad you're getting your MOJO back:) Sometimes it's hard to start back up after a painting absence. Can't wait to see your latest glass painting, I'm waiting in anticipation.


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