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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sketchy Sundays...

As promised, amidst the serious and 'properness' of my weekday posts, I'm sharing some light-hearted Sunday twaddle - in the form of silly sketches of all things potty and nonsense!

I may as well start with a 5 minute bear...

And a bonkers boot...                                                                Some wishful thinking...

A little handy work...                                                         How about some loony lipstick...?

How I just LOVE the unpretentious, undemanding and uncomplicatedness of of a straightforward sketch! 
And this 75 day sketch challenge is pushing me to do it without thinking too much :0)

Of course, I could work on them for longer - I mean, look at the difference between the hand above - and this one, which I did a year ago...

And let's be honest - this one is better - but the thing is, there are just a few lines between what's barmy and fun, and what becomes a drawing in it's own right, isn't there?

But enjoy the madness and mayhem while it lasts, because when the challenge is over, I will probably do just one or two sketches a week and pay more attention to each of them...
After all, that's more my true nature! 

Anyway - 'properness' makes a return this week - so don't go away! :0)


  1. Hello Sandra,
    lovely sketches!
    A big hug

  2. Sandra I love all of your sketches, they are so fun!! Hope you are getting in some fun painting time this weekend, and yes I agree with you, hands are hard!!!!!!! :)

  3. I am liking the relaxed feel to them... I think if you took too long on them they would be too perfect and then i would be super intimidated by your overwhelming talent and completely freak out... whew... that all came out in a rush... thanks for sharing...xx

  4. Love love love all these.. And love how you write on your sketch book. Keep this post going Sandra..

  5. Il est bon de laisser aller son poignet... des croquis charmants.
    Gros bisous

  6. Hi Sandra. I enjoy your Sunday sketches. I'd love to see a regular bit of barminess! :)

  7. I love your quick sketches-- the view over your sketchbook is my favourite purely because it is so clever! You're so right about the difference between switching and drawing. I've been working towards more sketchy less draw-y for my 75 day sketches as they were taking so long to do that they weren't fun anymore. I can see that you had fun doing these!

  8. I've been so enjoying looking in on all your sketches lately. They have really brought a smile to my face :). What pen do you use? I love the very fine lines. I think I would sink under the challenge, I've been so busy with things in general. I did a casual doodle of our fireplace with log basket and vase of flowers in the back of my sudoku book - it took over a week of returning to it to 'finish it'!

  9. Love the sketches - and also your WIP too.
    Miss a few days in blog world and you miss loads, it seems :lol:
    Can you slow down a bit, please Sandra :) xx

  10. I totally love your sketches! And the hands are just perfect! I haven't dared trying to sketch one yet. I can't say which one I like better, I like the looseness of the one, and all the details of the other. I think it's a good thing to practise different styles, and do a variety of sketches, whatever we feel in the mood and have time for.


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